Benefits of Applying 5G to Your Business

8 Benefits of Applying 5G Wireless Technology to Your Business

5G wireless technology is perhaps one of the most expected technology novations. It will allow transmitting zettabytes of data from one system to a myriad of other connected devices in a split-second. Of course, that entails the development of many services and technologies, for example, unmanned vehicles or robotics. That’s why 5G called one of the best investment for the next decade.

In this article, OpenGeeksLab has outlined what 5G is, how your business can benefit from it, and ways to prepare your mobile app for the golden era of 5G wireless technology. Keep on reading!

What is 5G?

What is 5G

It is not about speed only. It’s much more than that. Fifth-generation network includes the benefits of its four precursors and introduces brand new technologies. This improves broadband and signal processing, makes download and upload speeds faster, decreases a time of communicating devices with each other. All data needed by online devices (self-driving car, AI washing machine, etc) will be stored on the edge of the network, more close to devices and as a result – improving speeds. 5G mainly focuses also on faster speeds for connected devices such as self-driving vehicles, automated machinery, virtual reality, gaming experiences, and other tech stuff.

And What About the Other Gs?

5G is a new generation of mobile broadband that will augment or most likely replace a 4G LTE connection. A new G comes out about every ten years. 3G released in 1998 was the first generation of a wireless mobile network which gave us great opportunity for data transmission. 4G, appeared in 2008, which we still enjoy, brought faster speeds, more bandwidth, HD stream ability. Overall, the newest 5G technology, spectrum as well as frequencies it uses promise mobile data speeds that far exceed the fastest currently available home broadband.

Benefits of Applying 5G Wireless Technology

Benefits of Applying 5G Wireless Technology

5G brings new aspects and development vectors:

  1. Lower Perceived Latency

1-millisecond latency will increase much faster speed for data transfer and availability of connecting a lot more devices at once and much faster loading.

  1. Maximum Data Rate

Fifth generation wireless rate 10 Gb/s is 100 times faster than the maximum 100 Mb/s rate that 4G reaches today.

  1. Improved Broadband.

5G is operating on three spectrum bands. This enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) will be the first thing creating an economic impact on various industries.

  1. Great Opportunities for Remote Device Control

Due to low latency, improved remote machinery control becomes possible. Use cases include:

  • Predictive hardware maintenance
  • Industrial management
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Asset tracking plus smart logistics
  1. Autonomous Vehicles

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication will make good chances of preventing accidents or obstructions and saving lives. Supposedly devices will be able to monitor driver behavior, an engine idle, start and stop time, get traffic reports, average speed as well as other monitoring measures.

  1. New Wireless Technologies in eHealth

Safety and health monitoring systems, remote recovery development, physical therapy, remote surgery technologies – all that supposed to be an area of 5G-based stuff development.

  1. New Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

IoT with 5G will make network devices more energy efficient. The capacity for up to 1.000 connected smart devices per person becomes a reality. Firstly, it’s about enabling smart homes, saving time on housekeeping, etc. As forecasted, there will be around 50 billion IoT devices by 2030. A vital development vector is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Complex IIoT solutions of enterprise systems enable a company to introduce automation, optimize operations and ensure security. By gathering big data, IoT with 5G gives multipurpose business analytics. Supposedly IoT can help in solving global environmental problems like reducing carbon footprint as well as increasing production and transport efficiency.

  1. Immersive Gaming

Fifth generation wireless promises to be a game-changer. Online gaming requires low latency and fast speeds for an optimal user experience that 5G is able to ensure. So virtual and augmented reality will have many opportunities for innovation.

Ways to Prepare Your Mobile App for the 5G

Ways to Prepare Your Mobile App for the 5G

5G has the potential to enable fundamentally new mobile applications for various business models. Developers will have access to multiple opportunities for delivering better connectivity and wireless support. Here’s a list of ways to be prepared for these innovations.

  1. Faster File Transferring

Mobile apps require or already include transferring data, files, currency, etc. With 5G introduction, you will have to improve existing apps or create something new which is relevant to current tech requirements.

  1. Multiple App Versions

Users will not switch to the 5G network immediately. So creating multiple app versions suitable for each cellular network will be one more task in your to-do-list.

  1. Cybersecurity

Security will be a significant challenge as speedy fifth generation wireless connection between many devices may create security and privacy problems. So fifth generation also becomes a platform for cybersecurity innovations development.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

With the emergence of next-gen wireless, 5gG network artificial intelligence and machine learning-based apps will get a new life. Artificial intelligence in 5G networks will collect a massive database as well as analyze it for making spontaneous right decisions. Due to greater access to uninterrupted wireless support, an open connection machine learning in 5G networks becomes more efficiency.

  1. Navigational Mobile Apps

Navigational applications and the tourism industry as a whole will get a second breath. Reliable high-quality 5G network will open a lot of opportunities for these businesses.

  1. Ambient Computing

Providing a digital experience that involves the surrounding environment and conditions with the ability to measure sensors, machines, and different devices considered one more benefit for future development. Due to increased 5G power, you can enhance your 5g IoT applications.

  1. Cloud Technology

Because of patchy internet connections, the usage of cloud technology as software as a service (SaaS) in mobile apps has not reached its peak. But, by harnessing the real cloud technology power through fifth generation wireless, 5G cloud computing goes to the next level, so you can make much smarter cloud-hosted, AI- and ML-powered applications.

When Will 5G Come into Play?

Fifth generation wireless has already appeared, but its rollouts are more like public beta versions. Experts predict that it will be rolled out globally by 2020, working alongside 4G and 3G technologies. According to Gartner, 5G revenue will reach the 4.2 billion U.S. dollars mark as of 2020, or 89% increase compared to 2019.

We at OpenGeeksLab keep abreast of emerging and changing tech innovations. See you when 5g rolls out to create something great together! Stay tuned!

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