Best Education for Kids: 6 Apps During COVID-19 Outbreak

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic can be a means of providing solutions for the best education for kids. Today, during quarantine time, children simply climbing the walls from boredom. Parents, in turn, quietly sit in their makeshift offices, hiding from them, and shudder at the phrase “let’s play.” A reasonable question arises: “How to fork and educate a child in this difficult time?” The answer is online learning for children, along with indoor kids entertainment.

Best Education for Kids 6 Apps During COVID 19 Outbreak

In this post, OpenGeeksLab has compiled a selection of some useful and informative apps helping kids learn and parents stay sane, channeling children’s energy in the right direction.

Best Education for Kids Outside of School

The niche of kids’ applications is diverse. Now, kids learning resources are becoming more popular than ever. For example, the total Sago Mini mobile apps’ revenue, one among the leading companies of children’s applications development, in March 2020 amounted to 500 thousand dollars. iOS users have spent $400.000, while Android owners have left $50.000 in Google Play. As this company says, “The best things in life start with play.

Teaching Tools

Learning and mastering new information becomes even more accessible and interesting with online educational stuff for kids.

Today’s youth has a unique opportunity not only to have fun but also to learn through applications. Of course, educational stuff for kids will not replace live communication, classes or going to the zoo. But they become a great alternative for a while. Educational programs for toddlers can help learn how to cook, study languages or understand anatomy. Let’s look at some promising digital solutions that ensure the best education for kids.

1. The Human Body

This app is helping kids learn human body parts. This is an interactive model that allows children to study body visible and hidden parts as well as develop basic anatomy knowledge. Children can examine each organ in detail. All items are animated and interactive. Kids are able to see heartbeats or lungs when breathing in and out. Also, there is a special chat has been created for parents and children, where they can ask each other questions in order to better understand materials. This app is available on Android/iOS.

2. Animal Jam – Play Wild!

This application with colorful 3D world of zoology and ecology is one of the largest virtual worlds for children. Kids can play cognitive games and earn prizes, explore the magnificent world of nature, communicate with various animals, learn about their environment, plus get acquainted with other players. This application presents information in a new and exciting way, which helps to better absorb information. etc. This application is available on both platforms: Android and iOS.

Entertaining Tools

Children’s entertainments are both an exciting rest and a favorable environment for learning.

Today, a rare family has no tablet or smartphone. Children are crazy about them. Kids are happy to consume any entertaining content that only their playful hands can reach. Modern applications can satisfy the needs of small inquisitive minds providing a wide variety of entertainment for toddlers: quests, puzzles, adventures.

1. Machinarium

Tim Burton’s magical and strange universe is embodied in this indoor kids’ entertainment app. It provides a beautifully thought-out world where a cute robot is looking for his love. There are also funny characters, witty tasks, a clearly described difference between good and evil, a good goal. This puzzle game will give a really fun experience for a kid training logical thinking. Machinarium is presented on Android/iOS.

2. Toca Hair Salon 3

Talking about the best education for kids, this app is a real space for creativity, an individual approach to style or mood expression. Characters endowed with a random style drive little stylists can experiment as much as they like. In addition to a professional set of tools, a kid can change styles, colors, hair structures. There are also opportunities to experiment not only with doing hair but also with beard shaving or growing along with dressing up characters. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Sports Apps for Kids

Sports apps for kids give an opportunity to focus their energy in a proper manner.

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga App

With this yoga kids app, the whole family can do this sport. It provides fun videos in which friendly Jaime is teaching yoga to children. Yoga is presented in adventure form, with clips and songs. This app is one of the best kids learning resources showing children the importance of playing sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from early childhood. It is available on Android/iOS devices.

2. GoNoodle

Sports apps for kids like GoNoodle open the door to a healthy lifestyle. This app is renowned in the United States’ primary schools, providing sports training, dance video lessons alongside yoga exercises. Every week, kids can find new engaging videos for stretching, deep breathing, fitness. GoNoodle is safe plus easy to use. It was developed with guidance of experienced professionals so that parents can be calm about their children’s safety. GoNoodle is presented on Android/iOS.

Online Learning for Children Opens Up New Opportunities for Businesses

Children learn very quickly, unlike adults. But kids face difficulties with processing information due to lack of interest or motivation. Here is when educational stuff for kids comes to the rescue, fostering their creativity and encouraging learning.

Online learning for children is a booming market. Do not wait to break into the niche with your promising idea and drop us a line. We will be happy to deliver a solution that the little ones, along with parents, cannot imagine their daily routine without. And not only during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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