Modern digital market is constantly developing and extending. Apple and Google alone offer about 2 million apps each, so it becomes hard to compete. Here mobile analytics software comes into play to improve your app and be one step ahead of the competition.

Best Mobile Analytics Software to Improve Your App

Mobile analytics tracking is an important part of successful application running. We have already reviewed key app metrics, dwelt on their main features and disclosed principle working formulas. In this post, openGeekLab is going to share best mobile analytics software, which helps in tracking mobile metrics to make your app successful.

What Is Mobile Analytics Software?

Mobile app analytics tools ensure key metrics data analysis and organization—general info gathering, info on marketing/promotion, monetization data, etc.

Mobile app analytics tools ensure key metrics data analysis and organization. They may regard either single app or different products/platforms. Various app analytics platforms have diverse objectives: they may be aimed at general info gathering (e.g. downloads, user retention, active users), marketing/promotion focused (unique user experience, screen flow, acquisition info), monetization data (conversion rate, ROI, in-app purchases) and others. The main advantage of specific apps analyzing tools in comparison to native ones is that developers can analyze separate source data within unified mobile apps tracking software.

Top Mobile Analytics Tools to Make Your Apps Better

Here we are going to share top mobile analytics tools.

There are three basic types of app analytics software: quantitative, qualitative, and performance crash analysis.

Quantitative software is responsible for numeric information. It actually shows data about total user number, average session length, user daily/monthly activity and other directly calculated metrics. Quantitative app analytics tools usually provide developers with general or average info.

First quantity, then quality. Qualitative mobile application analytics tools deal with more complicated things. Though numbers are important, they cannot give what quality ensures – unique user experience. That determines qualitative resources being usually placed on top among other mobile app analytics tools. It serves as a powerful means while app adjustment or improvement.

Modern users require highest level of app performance, that is why crash directed services appear among top app analytics tools. It helps while updating or improving the apps, as it ensures profound monitoring and analysis of existing problems on different devices, scopes, etc.

Quantitative Software

Quantitative app analytics software is responsible for numeric information—data about total user number, average session length, user daily/monthly activity and other directly calculated metrics.


Flurry was introduced by Yahoo as their own application analytics tool compatible with various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.

It is loved because of being extensive and digging into details. Flurry provides various types of statistical information, including mobile app usage analytics (active users, retention rate, session length/intervals), audience info (demographical data, types of users, preferences), events (funnels, screen flow), technical data (device/app version, carriers, crash reports) and others.

Flurry has profound filter system, that allows arranging info in chronological order or according to specific segment (demographics, device/app version, usage peculiarities, etc.).

All gathered information, considering your product, may be compared with average results for certain category in order to understand app’s competitive chances.

One more Flurry’s advantage lies in ability to add/increase monetization or promote the apps via advertising campaigns within the platform itself.

Despite all its benefits, Flurry is often considered too complicated and confusing while looking for certain type of information.

Flurry is free to download on App Store or Google Play markets.


Amplitude aims at helping promising startups in their audience examination. It allows managing customers into groups according to certain criteria (e.g. acquisition, demographics, etc.) and claims providing single-user analysis. Through funnels research and behavioral cohorting feature it highly contributes to retention rate stable grows.

Amplitude has customized dashboard feature and attracts clients with handy intuitive interface. It also connects to Amazon Redshift, ensuring more detailed info and stats.

However, Amplitude does not use notification feature to inform owner about some important events concerning his app. Still, this disadvantage is not dramatic and can be settled down by additional third-party means integration.

Amplitude is freely provided for Android or iOS, but with limited functionality. To observe more than 10 million events per month, one should contact platform runners to get price list.


Firebase is a universal service uniting different aspects of mobile usage analytics in one product. It provides relevant data in all spheres, from app performance to ROI and conversions information. Elaborated audience analysis (demographics being also included) allows making relevant user behavior predictions.

It also provides easy solutions for Backend as a Service (BaaS) with BigQuery cloud functional cluster and in-built hosting opportunities. Besides, Firebase offers alpha/beta testing opportunities and Test Lab for Android-powered devices.

Firebase offers Adwords and Admob support. Still, marketing means are considered not very sophisticated. Still, customers having simple goals consider it being a nice choice.

Firebase Crashlytics feature represents a strong advantage of the service, but we are going to dwell on it separately.

Free version of Firebase is provided for iOS and Android, though some features are limited there. To get full functional scope one must pay from $25 per month, depending on recourse required.


Mixpanel is event-based platform, providing various features, like funnels management, cohort analysis, conversion tracking, insights, testing features, etc. The system allows uniting mobile and web apps ensuring simultaneous tracking. Mixpanel was renowned by such influential companies as Intel, Viber, Ticketmaster.

Comparing to more complex platforms like Firebase or Amplitude, the Mixpanel’s stats may seem premature, though it has many useful features, concerning client actions tracking. It shows all events arranged in chronological order so it becomes easy following customer’s path within app.

Like other services, Mixpanel offers free version for iOS or Android, though it is limited up to 25 thousand actions per month. To get more opportunities one should pay about $1000 per year subscription.

Google Analytics

Google analysis of mobile apps usage stands among most popular application analytics tools. It provides wide range of features, including data collecting and app management, predictive analysis, visualization, graphs, and regular reports on different objectives.

Like other app analytics platforms, it manages info about acquisition, session length/intervals, user activity, etc. It enables app owners track newcomers or returning customers, get demographical info, generate device and performance reports, etc.

Besides, Google offer smart resource, that not only analyzes collected info but also helps in elaborating business development strategy. It gives advice on marketing, disclose insights, and offers future app grows models.

As it is Google product, it has peculiar connection to Google Play, ensuring profound monetization statistics.

Mobile application analytics by Google is free available in both Google Play and App Store marketplaces, though there is a payed version, promising more details and wider functional scope.

Apple Analytics

Native Apple service for mobile apps analysis is one of the most popular iOS app analytics tools. It provides expanded scope of usage and possibilities, such as acquisition, total sessions/downloads number, user engagement, active devices, promotion management, crash reports, etc.

Besides, it has elaborated system of sales and payments tracking. It allows owners observe and secure financial progress, consider more profitable rates or marketing strategies.

However, Apple analytical tools do not support any in-app data and should be accompanied by other mobile apps analyzing platform to get more precise information.

Apple mobile app analytics tool is free downloadable in App Store, as it is counted on iOS customers only.

Facebook Analytics

App analytics software by Facebook is mostly focused on human factor. It consolidates Facebook customers’ data with mobile usage features resulting in accurate demographic info segments and close-to-life user behavior forecasts. Like other services, it also provides retention rate information, manages funnels, deals with different info sectors, etc.

Despite all positive sides, Facebook data analysis has a range of cons. The main one being its lower possibilities comparing to other mobile app tracking analytics services. It does not have access to some educational resources therefore statistic figures suffer incompleteness. Besides, the resource does not receive proper support from service runners, which contributes to its weak position on market.

Facebook mobile app analytics software is freely available for iOS or Android.

App Annie

App Annie is a strong application analytics tool providing comprehensive stats upon your product. As other representatives, it aims at marketing strategies tracking, revenue measuring, key metrics reflecting. It is compatible with other analytical services and provides comparison of several metrics, so product owner can soberly evaluate competitive chances and work on weak points.

App Annie can be free downloaded for Android or iOS, though it has strong limitations. To get extended version one should contact company representative and get customized pricing plan.

Qualitative Software

Qualitative mobile application analytics tools serve as a powerful means while app adjustment or improvement.


AppSee is considered first among qualitative services. Unlike others, it does not deal with numbers, but aim at providing detailed user behavior information. Two main features that track it are customer recordings (tags events, provides convenient visualization, gives separate person experience report) and touch heatmaps (gives screen flow analysis, shows average customer statistics, deals UI/UX issues). Additionally, it provides crash and ANR reports, conversion funnels, general retention/engagement info.

AppSee is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. There is a free trial version, though it possesses limited set of features. To get more features one should directly contact service runners and make customized deal according to peculiar application requirements.

Performance Crash Tracking Services

Crash reporting app analytics tools ensure profound monitoring and analysis of existing problems on different devices to update or improve an app.


Crashlytics is a Firebase tool directed at performance crash analysis occupying the leading position in the field now. It examines the problems causing app crashes and provides detailed reports with key issue being highlighted. The service offers comprehensive crash reports based on various factors, such as mobile device/app version, the Internet connection, battery status/charging process, proximity sensor, phone orientation, etc. In addition, Crashlytics has notification feature and real-time data processing.

Crashlytics supports iOS and Android versions for free.

This is only minor part of all existing mobile app analytics platforms. Other famous mobile app analysis tools include such representatives as Adobe Analytics, Countly, Localytics, Bango, AppFigures, Apptentive, Apsalar,, etc.

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