How Your Business Can Benefit from Adopting Quality Assurance Services

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October 01, 2019

The very first app release is the most important contact with your target audience. Some business owners ignore quality assurance services to save on software development process. Without considering QA, you face the risk of the app performance gap, bugs, errors, freezes, crashes. SMEs often face problems after a product is released. When critical situations arise in real conditions, a product cannot cope with them since the QA process was ignored. And you, as a business owner, lose customer loyalty, brand reputation, and, as a result, profit.

In this article, OpenGeeksLab has pointed out why quality assurance is a must for your project and how your business can benefit from adopting quality assurance services.

The Cost of Mistake

You should always consider that even an imperceptible defect can lead to unintended consequences. A typo in program code that calculates X-ray dose, for example, 100 instead of 10, can have severe consequences. The harm done to health and safety may result in a loss of trust in your company, and lawsuits with many zeros.

Who Are QA Engineers and What They Do?

software quality assurance engineer

There is a common myth that software quality assurance engineer is tester who only searches for defects. But that is not true. QA engineer ensures providing quality assurance services by testing products as an end-user would do.

Quality may differ for each specific case and product requirements. Some business owners do not consider deviation in layout design as a critical flaw while some others require everything to be exactly the same as it is specified in their contracts.

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In plain English, quality assurance (QA) is all about product development control. QA engineer focuses on software development and design processes, improves them by preventing defects and problems before product release and deployment. That is, he or she makes sure that you, as a business owner, are doing the right things.

Inside QA there is QC. QC stands for product quality control. Quality control services include test results analysis, identifying and eliminating product defects. That is, making sure the results you have got are those ones you expected.

As a whole, quality assurance processes include these items:

  • сlarifying requirements
  • test planning
  • risk assessment methodology
  • bug tracking
  • bug reporting
  • test automation
  • release certification

How Quality Assurance Services Can Save You Money

benefits of quality assurance services

Amazon, Warner Bros, Instagram, Google, Sony PlayStation have their own quality assurance and control departments. Facebook will not allow users to download updates with errors. Companies know how high the cost of a mistake can be. The better the product quality is, the less the risk of financial collapse.

Benefits of QA adoption:

1. Reducing costs and bringing in more profits

Test planning, as well as business risk assessment, allow you to reduce costs and bring in more profits as you give your customers quality from the beginning.

2. Getting control over a process

You control testing at every development stage via bugs tracking software, bug reporting tools. You are sure that every new component has been tested.

3. Inspiring client confidence

If there are problems in app logic, it is easy to detect them at an early stage of development, which allows you to fix an illogical component before product release.

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4. Building a strong brand and increasing customers loyalty

A nearly error-free and bug-free product is your brand calling card. By providing users with a reliable, robust, and stable app which help them solving problems and achieving goals, you make your brand strong and trustworthy.

When QA Comes into Play

when qa comes into play


Software quality assurance engineer comes into play regardless of the software development life cycle (SDLC) stage. These stages may vary depending on project complexity. Here are the most common ones: analysis, requirements, architecture, development, testing, documentation, deployment, maintenance.

The Better Quality Your Product Is, the Less the Risk of Failures

Investing in quality assurance services has long been a must. If done correctly from the start, QA lets your company market your products with no worries.

We at OpenGeeksLab know how to do quality assurance right so that you could increase customer loyalty, build strong and trustworthy brand, boost profits. Have any questions? Drop us a line! We will be happy to help you!

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