Logo Design Trends to Bring You Success

11 Logo Design Trends to Boost Your Brand

New decade opens new design tendencies. We have already discussed how to design a recognizable logo to bring more profits for your business and highlighted logo design trends to look for. In this post, OpenGeeksLab is going to disclose latest logo design trends to boost your brand. Keep on reading!

Massive Logo Design Trends That Will Take Off

Brand new era of design starts from logo creating, as it usually introduces your product to customers. Thought-out up-to-date visual representation gives your brand a wide range of benefits: from acknowledgment and memorability to audience loyalty. Right logotype is called to set the right tune in brand-customer interaction, thus acting as a powerful selling tool. Here are the trends that you should pay attention to.

1. Motion Graphics & Video


Image source: Dribbble

Motion graphics solution, which occupied top design tendencies last year, remain with us in the coming one. Animated logo is not only a visual brand representation, but a whole story embraced by a limited timeline. Due to simple plot included it wins more customers’ attention among other current logo design trends.

Complex animations with elaborate details become even more popular in the next year. Design artists are no longer limited by 2D standards and offer bold solutions combining common 2D pictures with 3D elements. This strategy usually implies tangible textures or additional depth of animation, ensuring higher customer involvement level.

Behind the complicated surface of this promising tendency there is a hidden variety of benefits leading your brand to top charts. Animated logo design represents a cost-effective way out for creating a fresh view onto usual things and better brand memorability chances.

2. Classic Blue

reachmore dribbble

Image source: Dribbble

Color always matters. It is proved by Pantone Institute, whose representatives are working on study the colors and their influence onto design and fashion industry. Pantone’s experts have already published a palette of most trendy colors for the next spring/summer season. In particular, they have named the main color of the coming year, that is going to determine logo color trends as well.

In 2019, Living Coral became a leader due to its unique combination of saturated coral color with a golden undertone while its predecessor in 2018 – Ultra Violet – implied magnetic space allusions.

In 2020, Pantone researchers decided on Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue) to become the main color of the new year because of its simplicity and non-fading elegance. It is commonly associated with tranquility, comfort, and nature, thus other ‘calm’ natural colors are expected to become relevant and influential in logo trends, e.g. various shades of green, ocean blue, mountain blue etc.

Metallic shades also are going to become popular due to digital media authority. The other logo color trends include mustard, minty, lilac, remaining on top positions for several years.

3. Custom Type


Image source: Dribbble

This year is going to become a year of contrasts, because next to complex animation there comes overall simplification. Minimalism has already occupied a place among latest logo design trends and is going to strengthen its position in the next year.

Minimalist direction is traceable in lettering and font choice as well. Artists and customers being tired of saturated glaring inscriptions tend to choose a simplicity instead. Implementing custom type into logo design helps convey brand’s initial idea by unique visualization. Custom typing in such case acts both as an inscription and symbol simultaneously.

Creating unique minimalist wordmark or lettermark increases your chances in attracting and retaining more customers thank to easy brand recognition and doubled memorability.

4. Responsive Logos

dribble 1

Image source: Dribbble

Modern design is not only about memorable product visualization, but about its efficiency and accessibility as well. User-friendly interface and positive user experience stand for key objectives while designing the project. That is why responsiveness will remain among key modern logo trends for quite a long time.

Being responsive basically means to adapt. A responsive logotype is the one that does not lose its uniqueness and remain recognizable on any scale. Thus, designers struggle to create a logo that will look equally good on phone, tablet or computer screen. Besides, responsive logos contribute to performance optimization making user-brand interaction smoother.

Basically, responsiveness is ensured by providing different logo sizes optimized to basic resolution type requirements, which are combined with creative solution that will look its best on various scale versions.

5. Thin Lines

planetm ver1

Image source: Dribbble

Thin lines represent a new word in latest logo design trends. Digital artists become even more inspired by modern tool opportunities, creating logo effects fully visualized only in digital domain.

Thin lines design solutions comprise minimalism and complexity simultaneously. Being composed of numerous simple details such logos aim at creating optical illusions or imitating more elaborated effects. Despite the feel of complexity, linear logo designs remain classic and elegant. Extremely thin lines, used as logo basis, create an impression of lightness, transparency, weightlessness.

Stunning coherence of minimal detail simplicity and impression of exquisite complexity guarantees thin linear designs a firm place among future logo trends.

6. Symbolic Shapes & Icons


Image source: Dribbble

Symbolic shapes or icons do not represent completely new logo design trends, they have been long used by companies like Apple, Twitter, Starbucks, etc. However, in new decade they become reconsidered, gaining fresh perspective.

Modern logotype designers aim at creating humble symbols, that can organically interact with the rest of design elements without capturing excessive attention. Symbols and icons now tend to be incorporated into other types of design constituents, such as inscriptions, background, interface, etc. to ensure holistic look and subtle impression.

7. 80s – 90s Retrospective Logo Designs


Image source: Dribbble

Very often trendy designs have cyclic character – things popular several decades ago are being revived and relevant again. Thus, one of current logo trends deals with 1980s-1990s throwback. Neon colors, pixelated pictures, chromatic effects are back again with all their boldness and shine. Old-school design technologies combined with modern tools make Back to the Future setting actually real now.

Throwback logo designs aim at people’s nostalgic feelings. The retrospective logotype is used to revive the atmosphere of ‘good old days’. Such design strategy allows to cover even wider target audience: older generation is attracted by reminiscent effect, while younger one experience curiosity towards things gone ‘long ago’.

8. Raw & Imperfect Logos


Image source: Dribbble

Digital design tools enable artists create images that stun customers with their perfection, however at the same time quite opposite idea claims to be among top logo design trends. Raw design is not that new logo trend, rather a one that revived, as modern users are tired of ‘technical’ perfection and crave for ‘natural’ logo design look.

Simple lines, pencil, ink, or watercolor textures, non-ideal coloring help in creating authentic logo design. Sketch-like pictures imply common look establishing ties between brand and customer.

Besides, there is nothing more unique than picture drawn by hand. Hand-drawn logo design creates an impression of your brand being equally unique as there are no two identical handwritings, there could not be a perfect replica of your product.

9. Vintage 1930s Cartoon Logos

d logoanimation

Image source: Dribbble

Together with neon shine of 1980s-1990s cartoon vintage of 1930s seems to occupy high position in future logo trends chart. Old but gold vintage cartoon style has burst into current logo design trends bringing the atmosphere of light-hearted childhood.

Simple forms, thick line art, two-tone color palette help creating old-school funny pics, that unite nostalgy, authenticity and uniqueness. The brand wearing such logotype claims to provide the same quality level as it was in old good 1930-s, when all products were unique due to their hand-made origin.

Funny, childish logo designs are about to take off, as they arise customers’ reminiscent feelings and remind of happy childhood times. Brands making bets on cartoon style in current logo trends ensure themselves with wide audience cover, taking advantage out of people’s nostalgic mood.

10. Multi-Layered & Overlapping Logos

zipphire logo reveal new

Image source: Dribbble

Together with thin line elegance multi-layered or overlapping forms open new design opportunities in modern logo trends.

Simple forms being combined with complex multi-layered overlapping schemes make logo design look deeper. To provide unusual solutions for brand uniqueness, digital artists undertake bold color experiments, deriving surprising results out of color blending. 3D imitation or tactile experience is usually reached by highlight/shadow profound setting, so that logo seems to be a coherent unity instead of different objects set.

Multi-layered or overlapping ideas captivate now even more adepts, determining promotion of digital-only visual effects or optical illusions in logo design trends.

11. Daring Typography

smile2.0 dribble hello

Image source: Dribbble

One more tendency among current logo design trends considering inscriptions is daring typography. Unlike custom types, daring typography attracts clients not through the absence of boldness, but through its extreme level. This new logo design trend is definitely one of most bizarre tendencies in logo trends.

Daring typography brings the conceptual change into letter-/wordmarks representation, elevating them from purely textual level. With daring typography inscription becomes the image itself, serving more as a picture than as a text.

Weird, unusual, odd fonts are called to highlight the brand’s uniqueness and its outstanding character differing from other market competitors. Usually daring typography includes more than just an extraordinary font, manifesting itself in surprising shapes/textures or involving symbols.

Become Unique Right Now!

Trends come and go. However, to seize a day and make your brand take off today you have to be in the surge. Consider modern logo design trends and find unique way of visualizing success, or drop us a line to expand your business perspectives with professional logo design right now!

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