Best moving app ideas to inspire your innovative solutions.

Moving App Development: 15 Insights on How to Create Yours

Modern problems require modern solutions, so moving apps are at the peak of popularity now. Relocation used to be tiresome and lengthy process taking a lot of time, money, and effort, though with technological development all the troubles can be settled within your phone at once by moving app. Modern tempo of life requires people always being on the move, so they need solutions to organize everything on the go.

In this post, OpenGeeksLab will describe promising use cases that already exist so that you can get insights on how to create yours.

Market State

Further perspectives of moving app development industry.

Moving industry stands among most profitable niches on modern market. Due to its multimodal character, it promises intense growth possibilities not only to direct process participants, like real estate agents, drivers, movers, etc. but to conjugate spheres as well. Mobile/web development is one of the niches directly influenced by migration processes and industry enlargement and digitalization.

Under pressure of accelerating tempo of life, customers look for online options sparing time and effort. On-demand mobile move services gain popularity ensuring easy and convenient user experience. Move applications include a wide variety of services from moving estimate apps to personal assistants or move coordinators. Thus, continuous market expansion and growing popularity among users make moving app development niche is worth to be invested in.

Top 15 Moving App Ideas

Finding Suitable Place

Top moving company apps to find new accommodation.

1. Zillow

Zillow is a moving company app directed at finding proper apartment or house to move into. With advanced filters and strict moderation users easily browse through relevant listings with no threat to run into scammers. Application has a lot of apartment photos so users are sure to pick up a place to their taste.

After primer search, you connect with real estate agent or property manager in your neighborhood to settle further actions, budget issues, etc. Like other real estate agencies, Zillow also gives opportunities for lenders to create listings with temporary rental offers.

Zillow is free available both for iOS and Android.

2. Flip

Flip represents a real estate platform where landlords and tenants connect for making agreements. Landlords are welcomed to place listings on the portal, fill them with necessary info about apartment, set desirable price, add photos, etc. to attract possible clients. Tenants, in turn, are equipped with advanced filtration system that makes search fast and comfortable.

Besides, Flip conducts a credit check making recommendations as to whether chosen tenant is reliable and solvent. This feature becomes crucial while making big deals free from fraud or long-lasting debts.

Flip is free supported by iOS only.

3. StreetEasy

StreetEasy stands among best moving apps for finding suitable apartment or house. As other real estate platforms, it provides tenants with relevant listings about apartments available. Detailed categorizing, advanced filters and notifications about active listings in your area aim at ensuring seamless user experience. User-friendly design and easy-to-use interface contribute to app’s convenience and popularity among customers as well.

The only disadvantage this app possesses is narrow area coverage. StreetEasy is relevant only for New York City at the moment, though there is always place for expansion update.

StreetEasy can be free downloaded for iOS or Android.

Sorting & Packing

Moving organization apps that will keep your things professionally packed.

1. Sortly

Sortly represents an ultimate digital organizer renowned by Forbes as easy-to-use personal inventory system. Moving organization app becomes vital while packing things before transportation. All you need to do is take photos of everything you have, put it into box and add it to catalog. Sortly will care about your stuff being safe by tracking belongings and reminding where are they stored.

Besides, you can create personalized labels and/or QR-codes, print them out and stick onto boxes. Scanning a code within the app owner gets full information about content of particular box with notes and photos included.

Sortly is free downloadable on Android or iOS devices, though to get access to full functional scope you should buy a premium version for $3,99 per month.

2. ThredUP

Packing the stuff people often face a problem of excessive things: clothes they no longer wear, things bought ‘per occasion’, old but gently used accessories, etc.

ThredUP is moving service app providing cost-effective as well as nature-friendly way to get rid of unnecessary clothing. Person makes an order through the app and gets prepaid shipping huge kit, that should be filled with unwanted things.

ThredUP evaluates your donated clothing and resales things separately if possible. If not, organization will donate them to people in need for free. Client usually chooses between cashing out his/her stuff after resale or instant pay at once but at lower price. Items with tags still on are welcomed and give additional bonuses.

ThredUP can be free downloaded on iOS or Android.

3. Letgo

Letgo represents another nice opportunity to get rid of unnecessary belongings with personal profit. Unlike ThredUP, this app is oriented at unwanted furniture or old appliances.

Letgo’s key idea is to connect sellers and buyers on locally-oriented Craigslist-like marketplace ensuring mutually beneficial deal. As on similar platforms, item owner creates listing with pics and basic info and connects with potential buyer within the app itself. Such process contributes to security maintenance as well, supporting deal free from misleading or fraud.

Letgo is free available on Android or iOS devices.

Stuff Transportation

Get your things delivered on time with on-demand moving service app.

1. Lugg

Lugg stands among best on-demand moving service apps providing help while transporting stuff. User sets destination, uploads photos of goods (for workers to know what to move), leaves additional notes (if necessary), and orders the service in the app. After request is processed agency provides a mobile team consisting of a driver and two movers.

Lugg claims its handling being fast and convenient, as they promise to deliver any load within 15-60 minutes depending on your location. Application is relevant in Silicon Valley, Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Lugg is free available on iOS or Android devices.

2. Shift

Shift is an on-demand moving company app delivering diverse loads around UK. App serves as a portal connecting clients with drivers judging on their order and location without any discomfort or delays.

Designed by our development team, Shift supplies wide functionality range from detailed load settings and convenient rates to tracking and two-factor authorization assuring personal data safety. With proficient responsible drivers, customers have no worries about their stuff delivered to destination place on time.

Shift is free available as web-app via iOS, Android or desktop browser.

3. Unpakt

Unpakt represents a moving company app aiming at ensuring quick and easy transportation helping. App provides various opportunities to design customized transportation plan with little effort. It does not require long registration process – clients have to enter destination place, upload load’s description/picture, choose rate, and get your stuff delivered.

Unpakt allows comparing several move agencies choosing most beneficial terms in your local area. Organization operates across 37 states caring about your goods being delivered on time.

Unpakt is free downloadable on both iOS and Android.

Assistance by Move

Move with ease accompanied by personal moving assistant in your smartphone.

1. Moved

Moved represents moving company app providing on-demand personal assistance. App works as private messenger, connecting users with assistant coordinating actions during move process.

Moved has a wide range of useful features including building realistic plan, finding suitable place, comparing transportation rates, selling unwanted stuff, etc. Application’s assistants can even connect person to new neighborhood if necessary.

Moved is free available for iOS only, though Android users can visit Moved website via phone browser.

2. Magic Plan

Magic Plan is an ultimate moving planner app helping to arrange your new accommodation up to taste in a few minutes. Via smartphone’s camera app scans the room and creates its 3D plan. With advanced functionality and graphics, you can arrange furniture and other stuff you have in a few taps, creating dream apartment. Beside high-level customization, application generates automatically created plans, calculated renovation estimates, etc.

Magic Plan is free to download for iOS or Android, though users should perform in-app transactions getting access to plans. Minimum price amounts about $2,99 per item. Another option is subscribing to monthly pricing plan – there are several variants, so everyone can choose a suitable one.

3. NextDoor

Meeting new neighbors stands among least pleasant things in relocation routine. NextDoor appears among best moving apps ensuring quick and easy socialization in a new place. App works as a locally based social network connecting user with neighbors.

You can meet new people, make friends among locals, exchange important info or advice, etc. NextDoor is commonly used to share local news, organize small events, find on-demand helping within neighborhood, warn about possible danger, etc. App covers over 145,000 local neighborhoods so you are assured to keep in touch.

NextDoor can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple’s App Store without any fees.

To-Do Lists

Best moving planner apps not to forget about important tasks and deadlines.

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a moving planner app that functions as to-do list. With its varied functionality, customers can create lists, schedule deadlines and set reminders not to miss important tasks in tedious relocation routine. The app also allows adding pictures, PDF-docs or markers to make plans visually supported.

Wunderlist cares about on-the-go planning, as it synchronizes with smartphone, smart watch, tablet or even computer desktop (via web portal) ensuring seamless user experience. Besides, app allows sharing or assigning tasks to other users, so you can easily collaborate.

Wunderlist is free available on both iOS and Android platforms.

2. MovingPlanner

MovingPlanner is an ultimate checklist helping you while move. It offers an unlimited amount of task lists with variety of features and customizing opportunities. Personalized arrangement, reminders, plans, deadlines, color codes, etc. will make unpleasant pre-move routine easy and settled.

Application is compatible with cloud technologies: users can synchronize various devices via Cloud Sync or share lists or tasks through Cloud Share. The app also supports in-built transactions providing even more features and opportunities to ensure convenient product usage.

MovingPlanner is free supported only by Android devices.

3. MyMovingList

MyMovingList is a moving organization app providing wide possibilities to stay organized despite lack of time and extreme personal load. The app offers creating customized to-do lists and setting self-reminders not to forget important tasks in stressful situations.

Besides, you can create a list of things being transported within MyMovingList and print their labels ensuring everything being perfectly safe and organized.

MyMovingList can be free downloaded in App Store or Google Play.

Move With Ease!

Moving industry has already gained a firm place on digital market niche and is about to expand in the nearest future bringing even more benefits for business development. Smart ideas open bright perspectives! Do not wait to break into market with your innovative solution and drop us a line, as our team knows how to create a product that will change moving experience and make your business profits take off.

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