Popular Health Apps: 8 Insights to Come up With Your Idea

Today in quarantine, people are more than ever looking for ways to maintain physical or mental health. Here is when popular health apps come to the rescue. Given current events, startups and regular technology providers are opening up new opportunities in developing digital sources of health care. As of data for 2018, the global market in this area amounted to 34.28 billion US dollars. According to forecasts by 2026, it will increase to 293.29 billion US dollars.

Popular Health Apps   8 Insights to Come up With Your Idea

Such large-scale online mental assistance providers as TalkSpace, along with its competitor BetterHelp, state that their new users’ numbers have grown and continue to increase. The coronavirus pandemic has become a game-changer for the healthcare industry. Today’s mobile health applications are on guard to help people get online doctor consultation and therapy, at-home tests, or self-checks.

In this post, OpenGeeksLab is going to dwell on how digital health apps may save the day.

Popular Health Apps

Symptom Checking and Monitoring

Such applications provide users with necessary information about their disease, remind about taking medications, plus monitor current vital signs.

What fit and healthy app will be useful to correctly monitor vital signs on a smartphone? Often, noticing specific signs and symptoms of the disease, many people rush to seek help from a doctor or google each symptom found. Health monitor apps are the first step towards diagnosing, which is much more adequate than panic reading forums on the Internet. Let’s look at some examples. These applications are easy to use and help users better understand their body needs.

1. Ada

With this free health app, users can manage and analyze health, as well as receive an instant assessment of what’s bothering them. Here, both patients and doctors can find more than a thousand symptoms and conditions. This healthy fit app is available on both platforms: iOS, Android.

2. Health

It is a personal medical records app, where the user can enter the most important health metrics: blood type, phototype, allergies, chronic diseases, food intolerance, sugar/cholesterol levels, time of taking medications, etc. The application is available only for iOS, but has its own Android analogs, for example, Health Mate.

Virtual Therapy

These applications let patients be in touch with licensed therapists anytime, anywhere.

In popular health apps, medical workers can provide real-time care for patients using video calls. This mobile health applications will be useful to everyone, especially to those patients who cannot get direct access to medical facilities (or get the necessary help due to their remote location or poor health). Here are some examples of free health apps.

1. LiveHealth Online Mobile

This healthcare mobile app allows you to contact licensed doctors in various fields of medicine using real-time video. Without additional expectations and queues, physicians will be in touch 24/7 on any issue, starting with skin infections and ending with consultations on breastfeeding. It is available on both platforms: iOS, Android.

2. PlushCare: Online Doctor

With this home health care app, you can get advice from highly qualified doctors and more than 3500 diseases treatment. Specialists are available 365 days a year, including holidays, so just add your insurance and connect with a needed physician. This application is available on iOS plus Android platforms.

Healthcare Chatbots

Medical chatbots are gradually coming into doctors' daily practice and help in solving many issues.

Today’s chatbots are able to analyze patient responses, ask clarifying questions, make specific recommendations. The best of these app health services help doctors to collect data or make a preliminary diagnosis. Here are some of these applications.

1. Babylon: NHS Healthcare

This health information app provides basic medical advice via chatbot. In some mild cases, the chatbot can independently solve patient’s problem. And if the bot is not sure about diagnosis and treatment, it recommends connecting a human doctor. In any case, the bot saves doctor’s time and patient money by collecting primary information about symptoms. This application available for free on iOS along with Android platforms.

2. Woebot

Besides physical care, you need to care about the inner self. This application with an integrated chatbot helps users reduce stress, overcome uncertainty, as well as difficulties, and so on. The application was developed by experienced psychologists. It is free on iOS plus Android platforms.

Mental Healthcare

Mental popular health apps help people to cope with various mental health issues.

Smartphones have long helped us monitor physical state. While with mental health applications at hand, it has become much more convenient to improve mental well-being. A lot of people today suffer from various mental health issues. Of course, mental health-focused mobile applications can not replace qualified in-person expert assistance. Well, anyway, they quality complement in-person visits to mental health professionals.

1. Moodpath: Depression & Anxiety

Such popular health apps help to cope with accumulated thoughts or emotions, daily answers questions about patients’ morale state, provide a collection of audio files along with useful articles aimed at solving a specific problem. This free app will help to battle with mental disorders, improve concentration or sleep, etc. It is available on both platforms: iOS/Android.

2. I am – Positive Affirmations

This application encourages persons to transform negative thinking into positive one. With daily reminders and motivating notifications, the application helps people to love and accept themselves, strive for dreams as well as find good in every day. The app provides a three-day free trial and full subscription for $2.99 per month. It is available on iOS as well as Android platforms.

Popular Health Apps Can Become a Gold Mine for Your MedTech Startup

A high-quality level of cure, personalized approach, free access to medical data, the ability to self-check vital signs. All of this is possible with mobile applications that are in even higher demand during today’s crisis. If you have a MedTech startup idea, do not miss your opportunity to contact us. Our team knows how to implement digital health apps best solutions and is here to help you.

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