7 Tips on Brand Building

It is easier than ever before to raise awareness with brand building in today’s digital era. Branding tools have changed much more over the past five years than in the past half-century. There are no signs of slowing down, so brand building strategy today requires a whole new approach. Classic methods like TV spots and print advertisements are not enough. But the main goal remains the same – to be in demand.

7 tips on brand building in 2020

In this article, OpenGeeksLab has shared what brand building is, why you should make personal branding the priority, and tips for building your brand. Keep on reading!

What Is Brand Building?

What is brand building?

Let’s start with some basics. Firstly, brand is about:

  • Unique memorable identity.
  • Promise of value.
  • Emotional connection between your company and its consumers.

Building a solid foundation is a vital starting point for creating a new house. Brand building foundation is an essential starting point of all business development processes. Every business is trying hard to be visible and, what is more important, trustworthy in consumers’ minds. For this, you have to determine your goals and objectives thoroughly, and responsibly follow them:

  • What are your targets?
  • What matters to you?
  • What matters to consumers?
  • How do you want to make a difference in the world?

Once you’ve got answers, you understand what your brand should be. Hence, sincerity, clearly defined goals, and responsibility for product quality is the foundation for successful brand building. And then digital tools come into play.

Why Is Personal Branding Important?

Why is personal branding important.

Brand building becomes various and complex, giving a lot of opportunities for creating a unique and recognizable identity to develop a strong B2B brand.

  1. Competitive Advantage

Implementing branding trends helps maintain competitive advantages. According to Clutch, B2B customers respond more to brands than to simple business offers. Successful brands identify the seller or maker determining its priority position. That’s why it’s extremely essential for SMEs.

  1. Buyer-Seller Relationship Transformation

Even companies’ relationship-building attempts are too annoying for customers. Wouldn’t it be better to let these relationships develop naturally? Trust between buyers and suppliers is developed over time and only long term relationships are able to establish commitment. To be an honest quality brand is the best way to maintain a long term mutually benefited relationship. And that is one of the most expected implications of brand building

  1. High Level of Purchases

Brands that are considered strong generate higher margins. A strong recognized brand impacts lead generation, lifetime customer value, and similar growth metrics. It typically has shown consistency in product quality that has contributed to consistently high sales.

  1. Increasing the Company Value
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B2B companies should invest in a brand development process as even a fraction of brand equity can mean a lot in value.

Tips for Building Your Brand

Tips for building your brand.

How can your brand stand out in the ocean of companies, logos, social media pages, websites, infographics? Be unique and sincere. That’s the main rule. But we have something else for you in line with digital marketing trends.

  1. Mobile App and Website Design, and Logo Development

A logo is one of the most important visual details of the personal brand mechanism. It is a symbol that represents your business that should be identified immediately without any accompanying information. A good logo is timeless and not affected by short-lived trends. It should represent your mission and values and this way becomes authoritative and unique. If you understand that your logo is not in conformity with these principles, probably it’s time to rebrand it.

Once you are done with the logo design, it’s time to use this personal branding tips on your app or website. Appropriate colors, suitable fonts, intuitive navigation, simple and elegant (not motley and too complicated) design will make your app or website memorable and provide it a place in the customer’s bookmarks panels.

  1. Creating Corporate Application

A strong online platform where you can connect with your consumers is a must-have tool for business. In this case, we aren’t talking about social media. Corporate app is a software system platform designed for operating in a corporate environment. It could be mobile app or web-based platform… or universal Progressive Web App. PWAs are essentially websites work like mobile applications intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser.

According to statistics, total page views on mobile increasing at almost 50% year-over-year. And even more, emphasis will be placed on increasing mobile user interaction. That means mobile corporate app is more crucial than ever to your personal branding strategy.

  1. Social Media Channels and Messaging Apps

You can’t ignore opportunities of social media. To be on top brands company has to present a consistent voice over all available platforms, not only physical storefronts. All channels must be linked in one multi-level strategy for the excellent results. Social media is the platform your audience is looking for you so good profile visibility is a basic requirement for every business now. Hence, let optimize your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and other top social channels.

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10 billion messages are sent between companies and potential customers on Facebook Messenger every month. People use messaging apps not just for sending emojis to buddies. 50% of people are ready to use the services of the company that communicates and supports through messaging apps as reported by MailUp. Take note!

  1. Effective Feedback

Social media can connect people across the world and also it can make it easy to hide behind your corporate mask. Being real and showing who you are, allow earning trust, and forming relationships with the audience. Be sincere, both in intention and manner of giving feedback. People prefer interacting with people, even online.

  1. Make It Visual

According to Singlegrain digital agency, content that contains one or more images has an engagement level that is 2.3x higher than content without visuals. Leverage the power of images and videos for generating more visibility in articles, blogs, media posts.

  1. Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most essential trends today. These demonstrate the extremely relevance of incorporating video: 70% of customers say that they have shared a brand’s video, 52% answer that watching brand videos makes them more confident to make online purchase decisions.

  1. Team Up With an Influencer

Influencer marketing is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing. Influencer is a personality with a huge following who helps spread the word about your company through their social channels. It is someone who suits your brand. If you sell сakes, it would be a bad idea to invite a fitness influencer for teaming up with you. Look for the off-beat influencers whose activity is tangential to your business. This practice remains the top one among branding trends.

Maintain Authentic Relationships with Customers

Doubtless, the main importance of brand building is maintaining authentic relationships with customers rather than just only trying to sell. Leveraging digital trends in the context of well crafted visual strategy will maximize all opportunities of your business growing.

Only big corporations are able to handle an all-encompassing branding strategy drawing on experience and an already formed audience. SMB companies that haven’t got expertise and capability to fulfill brand strategy can delegate these tasks to experienced third-party contractors.

We at OpenGeeksLab are not only your technical partner. We will take responsibility to create your business identity and strong social media presence using the newest digital tools. Focus on your business targets and do not worry about any technical issue.  Just drop us a line!

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