Top 11 Benefits to Choose Full-Stack Developer to Build Your App

Like other spheres, business tends to globalization and unification, thus the idea of full-stack developer became one among leading concepts on modern web/mobile development market. Actually, under full-stack developer we mean a person who is experienced and flexible enough to take almost any position in application development. The profound knowledge of the sphere together with vast skill set make such experts must-have for any company.

11 Reasons to Choose Full Stack Developer for Your App

In this post, OpenGeeksLab ponders upon key characteristics a professional developer possesses, and 11 main reasons to hire a full-stack developer to participate in your project.

Full-Stack Development Market State

Full-stack development is on trend.

Trend on full-stack development has emerged several years ago and still gains popularity. Full-stack developer’s profession has entered the top three high-ranked jobs 2019 by Indeed. The demand for multiskilled developers has grown more than by 200% in period from 2015 till 2018. This leap was triggered by increasing unification tendency claiming all-inclusive solutions a must for businesses that develop.

High demand triggered intense development of the sphere, causing appearance of more full-stack frameworks that enable overall developer retraining and full-stack technologies evolution. Besides, high versatility level and the ability to replace two or three regular developers make full-stack programmer a valuable team member with salary reaching worldwide up to 5 thousand dollars per month.

Key Challenges a Developer Should Deal With

Main technologies to be aware of for a proficient full-stack developer.

1. Frontend Code Optimization

Frontend optimization stands among most challenging project features a full-stack programmer meets while working on website or application. frontend basically concerns interface solutions, that emerge while developing mobile/web project. Coding frontend, such programming languages as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc. are commonly used.

2. Backend Development

Backend is a second basic part of full-stack developer’s skill set. Under backend one usually means website’s/application’s logic, that manages user authentication and data processing. Designing web/mobile project’s backend part, developers use programming languages like Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, C#, etc.

3. Databases Management

Apart from frontend and backend knowledge full-stack specialists should understand how databases function. They must distinguish between various database relations and be aware of cloud technologies. Positive experiences within MySQL and MongoDB are usually welcomed.

4. API Integration

API implementation and third-party services became almost as vital as frontend or backend in modern website/mobile development. Companies or developers using these technologies enjoy co-partnering benefits instead of wasting time while designing own solutions.

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5. Profound Infrastructure Knowledge

Among other characteristic features of proficient developer general system knowledge takes an important place. Due to deeper understanding of infrastructural connections developers easily detect problematic issues and turn project disadvantages into its benefits.

6. Hardware Solutions

A modern vision of proficient developer covers not only different software experiences (e.g. frontend, backend, websites, mobile applications, etc.) but also opportunity to work with hardware. Having experienced full-stack specialist in company prevents delays connected to hardware failures.

7. Project Control & Basic Client Management

One more feature full-stack developers should possess concerns organization and administrative skills. They are to find approach to clients or colleagues taking maximum advantage out of current project. Besides, such developers can perform project/sales manager’s functions in case of emergency.

8. Security Issues

Apart from pure development and basic administration, professional full-stack developer is capable of ensuring company’s or project’s security on basic level.

Besides, an experienced developer should take care of:

  • working within various full-stack web application frameworks like Node.js, Django, etc.;
  • understanding hybrid forms of mobile development;
  • administrating media queries or single page websites/applications;
  • easy switching between different domains without delays;
  • having relevant information and upgrading own knowledge to keep up with modern technologies.

Still hiring full-stack developer, business runner should understand that a real person cannot correspond to ideal developer picture presented above and be prepared to meet minor hardships accompanying profits of full-stack development technology.

11 Benefits While Hiring a Full-Stack Developer for Your Project

11 benefits you get choosing full-stack developers to build your project.

1. Competent Partnership

Productive partnering stands among key reasons to hire an expert proficient in full-stack coding. For business owner who expects to get maximum out of bare concept, it becomes an efficient way-out, because proficient developers can design a complete project from scratch. Besides, developers taking care of full-stack startup are usually aware of current market state, thus they can calculate all possible scenario for final product and come up with innovations that will take off.

2. Multiple Proficiency

Being a developer in full-stack company means primarily having knowledge and skills across diverse technologies. While coding full-stack projects developers use different programming languages, e.g. Java, Python, HTML, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript, etc., and have efficient experiences with several full-stack frameworks. The more various technologies are presented in developer’s portfolio, the better.

3. Flexibility

Full-stack technologies imply programmers not only being aware and skillful in several coding languages, but also flexible while working in diverse conditions. Developers working with full-stack are equally proficient in working as frontend or backend developers. Under backend development one usually means the app’s architecture and its ‘logic’, while frontend developers struggle for uniting bare code with interface via technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc., thus bringing the project to its market version.

4. Wider View

Dealing with full-stack software leads to broaden views and wider perspectives during workflow. Developers occupied in creating a full-stack web application or mobile full-stack application tend to look for different angles and unusual outcomes to make final product unique. Diverse experiences in website/mobile application development and accomplished projects of various kinds contribute to developer’s versatility. Thus, he or she can actually take any position or replace anyone in development team in case of emergency.

5. Additional Skills

Hiring a full-stack web designer or developer one gets a worker capable of executing and management as well. Programmers working within full-stack frameworks usually meet problems of workflow organization or optimization. Besides, they are to conduct the project on all stages themselves, thus they acquire basic management skills. Nevertheless, hiring multiskilled developer cannot fully replace professional project manager and may turn time-consuming on particular stages.

6. User-Friendly Approach

Interface and design play an important role in building positive user-experience, thus to attract customers full-stack web designers/developers pay much attention to current trends in UI/UX standards. While developing a full-stack web application, developers claim the interface design being user-friendly and intuitive. They go for innovative functions implementation guaranteeing product’s uniqueness and accessibility.

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7. Effective Troubleshooting on Time

Effective troubleshooting depends on two different factors. First one concerns detecting drawbacks during development process itself and finding relevant solutions as quick as possible. Second one is about post-release maintenance and updates, as problems may occur out of nothing due to external reasons. To hire a developer skilled in full-stack coding solves two issues at once, as such experts are usually aware of both factors and have already elaborated productive algorithms to deal with either problem kind.

8. All-In-One Solution

As far as full-stack experts possess practical knowledge in diverse spheres of development process, they can not only lead a project, work as a team part or implement innovations, but also represent a final product. A lot of useful data concerning current full-stack app make developers important participants of conferences, as they can help sales managers giving convincing arguments to stakeholders.

9. Cheaper Solution for Better Result

Very often SMEs cannot afford spending much money on full-stack startup, though have promising idea relevant on modern market. Hire freelance full stack developer or full-stack company as a cost-effective way-out then. Due to vast practice they can conduct all project stages from initial idea till final project presentation alone. Business owner does not need to hire a whole development team to roll out a product in time, that much reduces expenses preserving profit from project release.

10. No Delays

Full-stack developer skills can become handy even on project planning stage. Being equipped with diverse experiences, developers analyze different cases and correct working plan. They can also help in sharing responsibilities among all development team members or coordinating the workflow. Including actual developers’ experience to optimize development process help avoiding delays and usually reduces total working hours spent onto project.

11. High Responsibility Level

Hiring full-stack expert is a good idea at any stage of project development process. Experienced programmers can conduct project development from beginning till end, despite the period they join in. If business owners hire a developer in the middle of workflow, they may be assured of newcomers quickly adapting to team and implementing quality-directed offers to get successful output in shorter period.

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Full-stack development is an upcoming trend offering a lot of advantages both for startups and developed companies. Hiring full-stack developer is an excellent budget-friendly strategy for your project being executed on time by high-qualified experts.

OpenGeeksLab does not stand apart modern trends – our experienced full-stack developers are always ready to productive partnership doing their best to find end to end software solutions that perfectly fit your business case. Do not hesitate! Drop us a line and use your opportunity to get a vision that is more compelling than your wildest dreams could have ever conjured.

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