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August 15, 2018

There are two applications with similar features of real-time location tracking. One app has convenient, easy to use zoom control as well as current location buttons. A user can easily use only the thumb of a hand that holds a smartphone. Buttons in the second app are inconvenient to use. What app does a user choose?

Good design sells. As a startup founder or a business owner, you need to invest in quality design, make it your top priority for app success. Careful visual solutions play crucial roles in making a good first impression, setting your product apart compared to your competitors, solving problems, boosting brand awareness, bringing profits.

In this article, OpenGeeksLab has outlined the key reasons why great app design is a worthy tool for your business.

7 Reasons Why Design Is a Worthy Tool for Your Business

Design is not just a tribute paid to fashion, but a powerful, multifunctional, profitable business development tool. Therefore, your main goal as a business owner in design creating is to make it not only beautiful, but also highly functional, understandable, convenient, useful. And that’s why.

Makes Good First Impressions

As various studies show, it takes only 50 milliseconds to capture users’ attention. Google confirmed this data in its research and found out that users need even less time to form an opinion—between 17 and 50 ms. Thus, you’ll have less than one second to show people who you are as well as what you offer.

Determine what kind of the first impression you want to make—fun and exciting, informative and useful, or reliable and trustworthy. Depending on your needs, choose appropriate business app design, tone of voice, brand colors, prints, logo, clear layout, easy navigation, pop-ups, etc.

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Solves Users’ Problems

Design of your app is effective only in that case when it addresses users’ needs. If you have a creative app design that looks good but doesn’t solve users’ problems, then this is a bad one.

Makes Your Brand Memorable

Experts state that Americans see from 4K to 10K ads daily. People ignore the majority of ads they see and remember only about 15. When users should choose between some apps with similar features, they pick an app they recognize or an app with more enjoyable visual solutions. If you want to stand out competitors and make your brand memorable, create thoughtful, useful, attractive visuals. Follow the main design principles, guidelines, and techniques—color palette, layout, elements, brand concept, etc.

Affects Users’ Trust

Good Design Affects Users’ Trust

British experts have analyzed how design and content factors influence trust or mistrust of health-related platforms. As the results show, 94% of research participants pointed out such issues as complex and busy layout, lack of navigation aids, boring web design, pop-up adverts, poor search facilities, etc. Only 6% focused on content issues.

Keep things simple and flawless, and users will trust your app in years ahead.

Makes Your App Convert

When you invest in visual images, you also increase your app conversion. Whatever your goal is, it helps users find what they are searching for. Thoughtful visual part motivates people to click desired buttons, fill contact forms, make in-app purchases, etc. Just don’t push it, otherwise, people may easily get confused and abandon your app.

Makes Your App More Attractive and User-Friendly

As a business owner, you are eager to use complex and advanced solutions. At the same time, you must make your users happy with the way they interact with your app. Aesthetically pleasing design solutions bring a positive attitude to a product. Simple, not overloaded interface makes the processes for people quicker and easier to understand.

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Translates the Business Message into a Visual Language

Users don’t want to make decisions based on a long list of app features. They want all product values were described in the form of a short, pithy, convincing message. Careful visualization is the best way to translate your business message into a visual language. Describe your values in a laconic way considering users’ needs.


As you see, great mobile app design is much more than an aesthetic thing. If you want to stand out as a brand worth noticing, invest in it. Careful, thoughtful visual solutions enhance your business, make people trust you, use your app again and again.

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