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Review of Exponent: Simplified creation of React Native apps


Exponent is a tool for mobile applications developing on iOS and Android. It allows you to create applications on React-Native without additional intervention in folders of iOS and Android.

Exponent SDK provides a large variety of built-in libraries, which can be connected in a couple of clicks (although the actual installation of libraries in React-Native may take up to 10 minutes and even more!!!).

For example, to connect the well-known library for displaying vector icons react-native-vector-icons you only need to install this module @exponent/vector-icons and that’s all. So, as you can see, you still need npm for development (here we have file package.json as in any other project of React-Native).

The main feature of Exponent is a fast launch of applications on both platforms: local and remote development. You no longer need to create a Provisioning profile or create apk file only to show someone at which stage is development of application.

It is enough to select your application and click the Publish upload opengeekslabbutton  by using Exponent XDE. It will automatically generate a link and you will have no problem to run your app using this link.

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And of course there is the possibility to create an application (Standalone App) for Play Market and App Store using the command line. Once again, everything is very simplistic.

Basically you only need to specify that you want to get (iOS or Android app) and run the following commands exp build:ios or exp build:android. Next, you only need to answer a few questions and Exponent will create Provisioning profile or keystore by itself. So, you just have to download the app on Play Market and App Store.