FitStack: Best App for Fitness and Wellness

FitStack: Best App for Fitness and Wellness

Do you want to be healthy in looking good, but at the same time, you do not know how to do it? Take the phone and start right now.

The FitStack application will teach you how to eat and exercise properly. It allows you to be healthy, eat right and play sports yourself, but with QUALIFIED support from professionals. And all this without falling out of the daily rhythm of life.

The task of the project

There are many applications dedicated to fitness, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyle. In most of these applications, you are allowed to simply control your activities, in some you are motivated by your successes.

We understand that in order to eat and exercise properly, people need to work with different specialists: fitness trainers, nutritionists, etc. It takes a lot of time and is quite expensive.


We conducted a study and identified the main problem points of such applications.

FitStack allows you to use all the above features, but, unlike the vast majority of fitness applications, FitStack provides a training and nutrition program developed by professional trainers and experts in healthy eating.

Unique features:

  • the plan of classes is developed by experts (not by you)
  • ability to choose a training and nutrition plan depending on your goals
  • it is convenient to monitor your progress in one application
  • it is convenient to monitor your training and nutrition in one sentence

Application development

Execution strategy

An application that helps people find a trainer, training program, plan diets and exercises. In addition, it allows them to communicate with their coach, track their progress and statistics all in one place.

The framework

First of all, we developed a mobile fitness app that should make the first impression on users. We understood that people would rely on him to stay fit. Thus, they will always be ready to open it and see what happens to their fitness level.

Therefore, we chose

  • React Native technology not only because it doubles efficiency and reduces the development workload by almost half, but because it is not tied to its native platform.
  • Redux for state management and flow control
  • Convenient and handy modular system for designing app architecture
  • Firebase with different functions for the backend needs
  • The server on REST architecture with Firebase as the base
  • Algolia platform for search options (it helps users to login into the app using Facebook account)

The coolest feature

Food recognition feature. Just take a picture of what you are going to eat, and FitStack will recognize what kind of food it is. Moreover, the app can add it to personal meal plan.

More details you can find here