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Make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness.
With the power of technology, stay connected, stay on course.

We understand that losing weight can be difficult. Your personal Magra Health Coach will help you to achieve and maintain your ideal weight..
In the beginning
Our client is the health coach. He wanted to improve his work. He had not ability to be on touch 24/7 with his charges and be sure that they have all that is necessary to have in the way to healthy and happy life. He spent hundreds of sleepless nights for ration formulation, activity control, checking out of progress, communication, motivation and he did the same actions over and over, and over again…. He was at a stop.

Our customer solution was creation of an application. Thus was born the Magra. It has collected in itself all that was needed:
· calorie counter
· activity tracking
· meal plans with a lot of healthy recipes
· community of friends and likeminded people for communication, motivation and challenges
· progress bar
· selection of related articles
· user-friendly interface
It seemed to us that it was not enough. And together with our client we decided to step over the bounds. So, we added real personal coaches who can keep an eye on all of data that charges submit and professionally guide them on a daily basis.

Our client has a lot of free time and sleeps heavily. In the beginning he had no idea that in the end of our journey he will have 100 thousand charges, a huge team of coaches and will help our world to become more healthy and happier.

Mobile apps have changed the world. We are changing the world now. Let’s do it together!

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