Teleporters – by TapThere


Teleporters – by TapThere

In 108 countries TapThere’s Combination Reality Technology has enabled
users to Teleport and be anywhere in the world & experience and do things as if they are actually there.

User’s in China have teleported and traveled with TapThere to experience tourist destinations and meet people in America before booking a trip.

Users in Europe have been able to teleport live to Crowdsource in India before buying products.

When not studying, college students have been teleporting to campuses and paying other students to do funny pranks and experiencing it live with them.

Property buyers have been able to teleport and zoom into properties and houses and get live site inspections and tours.

We are seeing that the TapThere Combination Reality technology has disruptive and life changing applications for its Users and virtually every Business across the world:

Travel and Tourism
Retail – Shopping
Real Estate
Market Research
Sales Force and Enterprise Mgt.
Financial Services
Sports and Recreation
Advertising & Marketing Agencies

We believe the user should be in control and be able to teleport from their friend’s house to experience a concert in Tokyo and buy a t-shirt to a vacation spot in Paris and book a room to Moscow to crowdsource and experience a news story like you are actually there to the Olympics in Rio and buy a souvenier to a dorm room down the hall to send a virtual heart, all in seconds, and just like you are actually there

Mobile apps have changed the world. We are changing the world now. Let’s do it together!
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