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We developed an app for the four key platforms in React Native for five months.

Experience Jesus

Video streaming app for people of faith


Our customer respects and understands the views and needs of people of faith and values their right to worship freely in their place of choice. Believing that technology and religion need not be enemies, he came up with the idea to create a video streaming app for new or on-the-fence believers and give them access to religion-related content wherever they are.

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For those who unable to attend upcoming events in-person for reasons of age, state of health, or location. This app would have been a great tool to ensure a personal presence at religious events.

Therefore, we needed to project an application to cover smartphones and smart TVs and make it super simple and easy to use for effective engagement across all age groups and demographics.


Read about app features we implemented for mobile versions and smart TVs.

Mobile Platforms

Simple Login Form

Only first name, last name, email and password are needed.

Live Video Streaming

Lets users consume content even when they are on the go.

Recommendation Engine

Based on personal preferences, consumers receive recommendations on what stuff to watch, read, or bookmark.

Continue Watching Feature

Lets users track videos they are watching across any device and keep watching a video right where they left off.

Adding Cards to Packs

Users can add favorite studies books, cards, daily prayer, and other stuff to packs, and then browse the information.

Learned & Unlearned Sorting

The feature allows consumers to sort the stuff into learned and unlearned categories and manage them.

For Non-Logged in Users

Non-logged in users have access to basic functions such as watching video streaming and receiving daily prayer. There will be no recommendations, continue watching, and list of cards.

Smart TV
(iOS & Android)

Features for smart TVs are almost the same as for a mobile version of an app. A user can log into his or her account and view the same videos but on a full screen.

Features for smart TVs are almost the same as for a mobile version of an app.
Read about our insights on smart TV app development.

Insights Into
Smart TV App

It turned out to be an exciting challenge as our team first encountered smart TV app development.

We had to build a video player from scratch. We faced the difficulty of focusing elements, fields, buttons. The point is that mobile application needs no focus, while smart TV does, right up to closing the screen and opening it again. As well as skip, next and previous buttons that you do not pay attention to on your mobile device.

Video format on mobile device and TV version was different. We developed special buttons, a slider that showed how much time was left as well as pause and stop buttons, and transitions to a new video. We applied video scalability to display an image accurately. To support different screen sizes, we implemented the autofill function.

We developed an app for the four key platforms in React Native for five months.

Some of Our Projects

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Experience Jesus

Video streaming app for people of faith

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