Meet the Team

Meet the Team
Dmytro Dvurechenskyi is the Chief Executive Officer at OpenGeeksLab.
Dmytro Dvurechenskyi
Chief Executive Officer
Denis Dolya is the Chief Visionary Officer at OpenGeeksLab.
Denis Dolya
Chief Visionary Officer
Serhii Mushta is the Chief Technology Officer at OpenGeeksLab.
Serhii Mushta
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Tkalich is the Chief Business Development Officer at OpenGeeksLab.
Michael Tkalich
Chief Business Development Officer
Svitlana Davydova is the UI/UX Designer at OpenGeeksLab.
Svitlana Davydova
UI/UX Designer
Daria Yurchenko is the Human Resources Manager at OpenGeeksLab.
Daria Yurchenko
Human Resources Manager
Katerina Revtova is the Head of PM/BA Department at OpenGeeksLab.
Katerina Revtova
Head of PM/BA

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