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Web Development

Powerful, flexible, customizable, responsive, mobile-friendly, affordable, launch in record time.
Our web development solutions handle all the above. Trusted for over four years, we are creating a new way to build a fantastic and reliable product that will produce tangible results for you and top-end solutions for your users.

Mobile Apps Development

As proven app developers, we empower end to end mobile solutions—both native and hybrid, regarding your goals, budget, and timelines. Our in-depth expertise in narrow niches allows us to see and use the opportunities others are missing. As a result, you get a unique mobile app that will take off—right at your fingertips.

Software Services

We provide custom software services using emerging technologies. It means that we choose a variant that suits exactly your case. Thus, you can focus on your business targets, succeed, and do not worry about any technical issues as we ensure your software concept full realization.

UI/UX Design

Design is no longer about the wow factor. UI/UX Design is about providing personalization, simplicity, convenience, minimalism, engagement, and accessibility. We will create your brand identity with an eminently crafted visual strategy to maximize all opportunities of your business growing.


The fact that search engines rank your site or application as a reliable resource works in your brand’s favor. SEO ensures your successful digital presence, helps to hit the target audience, create the value that is most relevant to users, and, as a result, influence the purchase cycle. Careful SEO is about building credibility, improving user experience, increasing engagement, traffic, and conversions, providing new opportunities to boost your business.

Tech Stack

Tech Stack

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Some of Our Projects

Our Projects

Experience Jesus

Video streaming app for people of faith

See full case study

the H Hub

Community-driven social network for brands and creators

See full case study


Blockchain-based platform shaping the future of online hotel booking

See full case study

Solid Fit

Fitness social network that connects coaches and sports enthusiasts from LA to NY

See full case study

Awards And Recognition


Year after year, OpenGeeksLab has been recognized as one of Europe’s most talented developers. We have clientele across the globe that highly evaluates services we deliver and return to us to create new amazing products.




A deep understanding of the client’s concept was key in creating an intuitive UI/UX. openGeeksLab guided the client through the development process with patience and clear communication. Efficiency of workflow allowed us to achieve fast and high-quality deliverables.


I had a wonderful experience working with openGeekslab. They are very professional group talents that paid attention to every single detail of my project. I will definitely work with them again in the future.


I asked to build a telemedicine app with specific requirements and a very detailed product spec, data model, design, and compliance restrictions. OpenGeeksLab asked thoughtful questions, has been building a scalable product, has been mindful of details and are flexible in their approach. I look forward to a long-term working relationship with this organization.


Highly thorough and meticulous in their project management, OpenGeeksLab continues to impress with their on-time deliverables and dedication to the project's success. Despite a lengthy time difference, they will be utilized for future development work.


Their deep knowledge of software development and their skill in managing the project instilled confidence in the client. Their team is professional and self-motivated.


We’ve chosen OpenGeeksLab because it was completely immersed in the project.
The company offered the golden mean between price and quality. When we had any questions, we could get in touch anytime with their 24/7 customer support. The team uses the Scrum methodology, so I was sure that the guys would meet deadlines.


The projects are going well. I am very happy with the teams working on them. We've got some tight deadlines to hit, which is a bit of a concern, but I can't fault the team, very knowledgeable and experienced. I plan to involve you in future dev projects, for sure.

Sarthak Patnaik

Big thank you to you, my team. I had a demo with the client. They are happy with the progress we have made so far. I really lucky that such professionals are working on my project

Trond Bjorøy

I was impressed by the team, and definitely reccomend them as trustfull service provider. I saw a clear success of my final product, already at the start of the collaboration

Nathalie Feldman

I am going to work with you further on the projects and have already advised you to my colleagues. And I took 1st place at the scientific conference because of your help with the project, so finding an investor is coming

Vera Danchenko

Guys, you are great! And it’s really true! Thank you for the hardworking, finally, we could show a stable project to the client. I had never doubt in you all

Our Team

Our Team

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