We provide web and mobile software services and deliver advanced tech solutions to guarantee high-quality, fast, seamless, flexible and easy-to-use final product.

Innovative Software 
Development That Drives

We provide a full-service Startup ecosystem focused on Design and Development of digital platforms and experiences
Bring your idea to life with an MVP build designed to help you grow & raise.

Who we are

Who we are
At OpenGeeksLab, we understand the importance of staying ahead in today's fast-paced digital world. That's why we specialize in providing expert Software Development services to Startups to nail their product-market fit and scale-ups looking to expand their market reach.
With engineering centers and business development hubs located in Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Spain, Montenegro, the U.S., and Ukraine, we are able to adapt to dynamic market shifts and cover solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.
Glovo is one of the leading global on-demand delivery platforms.
Sfity is an on-demand moving app connecting consumers and businesses with man & van services.
Volvo is a leading automotive company in Sweden.
Volkswagen is a world famous automotive company.
The H Hub social network allows brands to hire influencers and get the best content.
NFTPort provides one-stop NFT Infrastructure & APIs for Developers.

Client Success

Client Success
Achieving success is possible with the right technology
partner. See for yourself with our Case Studies and Discover
how our Solutions have helped businesses.


Bad debt protection insurance


Application Type: Web

Industry: Insurance

Country: the UK

A project that originates from a UK-based startup and now happens to become an international invoice insurance service also operating across Europe and the Nordic region and partnering with the UK’s biggest high street banks.

Read more about how we developed a multifunctional on-demand delivery service app for diverse loads in the UK.


A multifunctional delivery app that makes the moving process so much easier


Application Type: Web, mobile

Industry: Transportation and logistics

Country: the UK, Arab Emirates, the US

An on-demand moving app that would connect businesses and consumers with man & van services. A platform helps streamline all the processes as well as eliminate mix-ups while delivering items purchased online, moving to a new office/apartment, and hauling away old junk.

Our team can develop a Financial Statement Software for your business.

Financial Statement Software

Software for finance report generation


Application Type: Web

Industry: FinTech

Country: Sweden

Financial statement analysis software generates annual share prices, position in the industry, competitor evaluation, and other vital data reports for companies.

Golf application that helps master the game

Evidence-Based Golf

A golf application that helps master the game


Application Type: Web, mobile

Industry: Sports

Country: the US

The app allows golfers to study courses right at their fingertips, working with instructors to improve their skills and analyze their successes and failures.

A blockchain-based project tool with several separate software solutions.

A Blockchain-Based Project Pool

A blockchain-based project pool with a number of independent solutions


Unlock the full potential of blockchain technology with our project pool, featuring a number of software solutions developed from scratch or modernized by our team.

  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) development
  • Mobile cryptocurrency wallet
  • Browser extension
  • Token price prediction tool
  • Customized NFT marketplace
  • NFT collections featuring unique digital assets
  • Multi-blockchain network lottery
  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange) on Cronos blockchain

Country: the US

What We Offer

What We Offer
Years of providing software development services have
made us experts in creating all kinds of digital solutions
for businesses.
We deliver software development services to help customers drive their business forward

AI Development

Web Development

Vendor Change

Mobile Development

Blockchain Solutions Development

UI/UX Design Services

Software Consulting Services

Dedicated Team

Staff Augmentation

Quality Assurance

Cloud Engineering

Software Modernization

Solution Discovery Phase

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials
Discover what our clients have to say about their
experience working with the OpenGeeksLab team and
the quality of our software development services.
Laine Kelly is a director of TIe Dye Ninjas NFT collection

Laine Kelly

Owner and Creative Director

Tie Dye Ninjas

I Working with OpenGeeksLab has been such a delight. The
level of effectiveness in each stage of developing the
technical and creative side of bringing Tie Dye Ninjas vision
to life has been outstanding! Highly recommend
OpenGeeksLab for any of your business development needs!

Vera Danchenko

Product Project Manager


I am the Product Manager at a company that specializes in
providing white-label robo-advisory solutions for B2B to
help them with financial planning for end-users. This is the
third project we are working on with OpenGeeksLab. The
team works transparently, within estimates and deadlines.

Henry Waterfall-Allen

Managing Director

TOAD & Mother's Best Child

The projects are going well. I’m thrilled with the teams
working on them. We got some tight deadlines to meet,
which was a bit of concern, but I can’t blame the team; very
knowledgeable and experienced. I plan to involve you in
future dev projects, for sure.

Jeremy Jones

Chief Executive Officer Nurse 2

Nurse Staffing

OpenGeeksLab works hard to create your vision! They met all
of their deadlines and delivered a product that was better
than I had originally planned. I’m impressed by their high
quality of work, and we will continue to work with them in
the future!

Roy Baladi

Head of Marketplace and Communications


I hired the agency to build a telemedicine app.
OpenGeeksLab asked thoughtful questions, was mindful of
details, and was flexible in its approach. I expect a long-term
partnership with this organization.

Oleksandr Shypylenko

CEO and Founder

SunCoast Venture

OpenGeeksLab was completely immersed in the project. The
company offered the golden mean between price and
quality. When we had any questions, we could get in touch
anytime with their 24/7 customer support.

Trond Bjorøy

Head of Product Development - Nordics


I am impressed with the team and recommend them as a
reputable service provider. I was confident in the evident
success of my final product at the very beginning of the

Nathalie Feldman

CEO and Founder


I am going to work with you further on the projects and have
already recommended you to my colleagues. And I took 1st
place at the scientific conference thanks to your help with
the project, so finding an investor is coming.

Richard Wistow



OpenGeeksLab’s deep knowledge of software development
and their skill in managing the project inspire trust. Their
team is professional and self-motivated.

Sarthak Patnaik



Big thank you, my team. I had a demo with the client. They
are happy with the progress we have made so far. I’m
fortunate that such professionals are working on my project.

Emmanuel Amuzie

Business Operations Manager

Jessica’s Concept 

I had a rewarding experience working with OpenGeeksLab.
They are a professional group of talents who paid attention
to every detail of my project. I will team up with them again
in the future.

Chris Silveira

General Manager

GAIN Group of Companies

We needed a redesigned website and a mobile app for
medical education consultancy services. That's why we
reached out to OpenGeeksLab to assist with the
transformation. Highly thorough and meticulous in its
project management, the agency impressed us with on-time
deliverables and dedication to the project's

Alex Zilvinas Grabauskas is an owner of Global Cryptocurrency & NFT Platform.

Alex Zilvinas Grabauskas

CEO of a Global Cryptocurrency & NFT Platform For The NSFW Content

I admire the overall approach and workflow: thoughtful
planning, software architecture, well-established
communication, timely delivery, and well-coordinated
teamwork. Also, I’d like to mention high-quality post-release
support and adding new features.

Arthur Sheidt

F&B Manager

Verholy Relax Park

OpenGeeksLab guided us through the entire development
process with attentiveness and clear communication. The
efficiency of their workflow allowed us to achieve fast and
measurable deliverables.

Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition
We are proud of our achievements and the recognition
we have received for our work.
OpenGeeksLab’s expertise has been also awarded by Clutch as one of Ukraine’s most talented developers.
GoodFirms marked OpenGeeksLab as a reliable provider of innovative apps for the mobile app market.
As a member of the Swedish Business Association in Ukraine, OpenGeeksLab brings the local technology industry to the global level.
OpenGeeksLab is the 7th on the Top Agencies list on YouTeam.
Visit our profile on AppFutura.
Currently, our job success score is 96% on Upwork.

our Team

our Team
Our team of over 65 experts has the experience and
skills necessary to deliver innovative, customized
software solutions. We have a proven track record of
success, having worked with a wide range of customers
across various industries, from supply chain
management to entertainment. We take pride in
creating successful projects for each and every one of
our clients.
Daria spearheads talent strategy and fosters an inclusive, engaging work environment. Her expertise, proactive approach, and strong communication skills drive our company's success through our talented workforce. Get to know Svitlana Davydova closer on Facebook and LinkedIn. Get to know Dmytro Dvurechenskyi closer on Facebook and LinkedIn. Get to know Michael Tkalich closer on Facebook and LinkedIn. Serhii is confidently leading the charge in driving technological innovation and business growth through his extensive software development expertise and strategic mindset.

Meet the Team

Get to know Dmytro Dvurechenskyi closer on Facebook and LinkedIn.

With over 15 years of experience in the software
development industry, Dmytro is a true expert in
delivering top-quality technical products. As the
founder of OpenGeeksLab, he leads our team in
creating efficient technical solutions that offer
advanced business value. His innovative ideas,
combined with a business-focused perspective, help us
consistently meet the unique needs of each and every

Dmytro Dvurechenskyi

Chief Executive Officer

Get to know Michael Tkalich closer on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Michael, our Chief Visionary Officer, brings a unique
perspective to our company with his forward-thinking
approach and ability to anticipate future trends. With
years of experience in the industry, he leads our team in
creating a long-term vision for the company and guides
our strategy to stay ahead of the curve. His innovative
ideas and ability to think outside the box make him a
vital member of our team, helping to drive the growth
and success of our company.

Michael Tkalich

Chief Visionary Officer

Serhii is confidently leading the charge in driving technological innovation and business growth through his extensive software development expertise and strategic mindset.

With over a decade of experience, Serhii has guided projects from conception to completion. As our Chief Technology Officer, he significantly influences our company's technological trajectory. Leveraging his extensive software development background and astute knowledge of industry trends, he steers our team toward pioneering solutions that fuel our business expansion. Serhii's strategic mindset and knack for problem-solving make him an indispensable asset, propelling our company's triumphs forward.

Serhii Mushta

Chief Technology Officer

Daria spearheads talent strategy and fosters an inclusive, engaging work environment. Her expertise, proactive approach, and strong communication skills drive our company's success through our talented workforce.

Daria, as our dedicated Human Resources Manager, plays a vital role in shaping our company's talent strategy and enhancing the overall employee experience. Leveraging her wealth of experience in the field, she leads our team in cultivating a culture that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and employee engagement. With her keen foresight in anticipating and addressing employee needs, coupled with her excellent communication skills, Daria proves to be an invaluable asset to our team. Her efforts drive the success of our company by harnessing the full potential of our talented workforce.

Daria Yurchenko

Human Resources Manager

Get to know Svitlana Davydova closer on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Svitlana, our UI/UX designer, brings a wealth of
experience and creativity to our design team. With a
strong understanding of user-centered design
principles, she designs intuitive and visually appealing
digital products. Her ability to anticipate user needs and
her attention to detail make her an invaluable member
of our team, contributing to the success of our
company through her user-friendly designs.

Svitlana Davydova

UI/UX Designer

Meet the Team

Why Top Companies Choose Us

Why Top Companies Choose Us
When it comes to software development, companies
want to work with a partner they can trust to deliver
high-quality solutions that meet their unique needs. We
pride ourselves on our expertise, innovative approach,
and commitment to driving the best results possible.
Here are a few reasons why top companies choose us:

Solution Discovery Phase

Deep Analytics

Industry Expertise

Business-Oriented Approach

Strategy Development

Custom Software Development Solutions

Cross-Ecosystem Expertise

Ownership Mindset

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve
At our company, we understand that every industry
has its unique set of challenges and opportunities.
That's why we have a team of experts with extensive
experience in a variety of industries, including supply
chain, finance, healthcare, and real estate, to deliver
tailored solutions that drive business growth. Here are
the core industries we serve:
With our customized software development services, organizations can speed up their supply chain management and experience unmatched efficiency.

Supply Chain

Our top-notch healthcare solutions help medicine businesses optimize patient care and improve patient outcomes.


We deliver EdTech development services to bring innovations to education and ensure the efficiency of e-learning.


Our custom software development services enable clients to take their sports and fitness business to the next level

Sports and Fitness

We help businesses harness the power of fintech and streamline their financial operations.


With our highly innovative software solutions, real estate businesses can boost their efficiency and productivity.

Real Estate

Media and entertainment products we build allow businesses to expand their customer base, improve their online presence, and engage with their audience.

Media and Entertainment

We build advanced software solutions to help clients unlock new opportunities in the travel and hospitality industry

Travel and Hospitality

Tech Stack

Tech Stack
At OpenGeeksLab, we stay at the forefront of
technology to provide the best solutions for our clients.
We are continuously researching and implementing the
latest advancements to ensure that our clients have
access to the most advanced and efficient tools on the

Front End:






React native


Capacitor (Ionic)

Back End:












Hardhat (framework)






Truffle (framework)


TheGraph API





Front End:






React native


Capacitor (Ionic)

Back End:












Hardhat (framework)






Truffle (framework)


TheGraph API






Over the years, we have crafted a streamlined process
that consistently delivers exceptional results. We
adhere to this methodology while still remaining
adaptable to changes.
At the planning stage, we define the look and feel of a future product, its functionality, and timeframes for the blockchain development process.


At the end of the development stage, customers get a fast, flexible, and fully-functioning blockchain app.


We consider the testing stage an important part of the custom application development process that helps us ensure the highest quality of solutions we deliver.


At the release stage of the solidity development cycle, we focus on data processing to ensure the protection of customer’s sensitive information and prevent data breaches or data loss.


At the support stage, we offer customers bug-fixing and constant maintenance services to ensure the smooth performance of their blockchain solutions.

Support and Maintenance

Our Offices



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Warsaw, Poland


+1(832) 639-0073

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OpenGeeksLab’s office in Eastern Europe.

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    What services does your company offer?

    How does your company approach a new project?

    Can you provide examples of industries you have experience working with?

    How do you ensure the quality of your work?

    How do you handle project changes and scope creep?

    How can custom software development benefit startups and scale-ups?

    News and Insights

    News and Insights
    The latest industry trends, updates on our projects, and
    valuable insights for businesses looking to improve their
    software solutions. From new technologies to best
    practices, our blog is a valuable resource for anyone
    interested in staying ahead in the fast-paced environment.
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    The Most Popular Programming Languages of 2024
    The Most Popular Programming Languages of 2024

    The Most Popular Programming Languages of 2024 HackerRank…

    The 5 Most Resilient Tech Roles in 2024

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    Software Development in Renewable Energy and Environmental Management
    The Role of Software Development in Renewable Energy and Environmental Management

    How ReactJS and NodeJS Could Help Sustainability in…

    web openGeeksLab energy Renewable Energy Production
    How ReactJS and NodeJS Could Help Sustainability in Renewable Energy Production

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    Att Utnyttja AI och Maskininlärning i Startup-Produktutveckling. web3

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