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Business Value

Business Value


Since Umbraco CMS is cloud-based, it is fully managed and auto-upgraded. It provides a fully featured environment for hassle-free installation, data storage, management, and bug-fixing.

Simplified Data Migration

With Umbraco development, it is easy to migrate data from a legacy app due to a well-documented API.

Extendibility, Flexibility, Responsiveness

Umbraco CMS is massively flexible, extendable, and responsive to run anything from small/large websites to complex apps on smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Umbraco CMS development provides remarkable features designed and customized to meet specific product requirements. Open-source code and frequent updates, in turn, allow making own adjustments, managing solutions, and keeping the product alive. Since Umbraco CMS is cross-platform, it is easy to manage multiple platforms from a single Umbraco installation.




A deep understanding of the client’s concept was key in creating an intuitive UI/UX. openGeeksLab guided the client through the development process with patience and clear communication. Efficiency of workflow allowed us to achieve fast and high-quality deliverables.


I had a wonderful experience working with openGeekslab. They are very professional group talents that paid attention to every single detail of my project. I will definitely work with them again in the future.


I asked to build a telemedicine app with specific requirements and a very detailed product spec, data model, design, and compliance restrictions. OpenGeeksLab asked thoughtful questions, has been building a scalable product, has been mindful of details and are flexible in their approach. I look forward to a long-term working relationship with this organization.


Highly thorough and meticulous in their project management, OpenGeeksLab continues to impress with their on-time deliverables and dedication to the project's success. Despite a lengthy time difference, they will be utilized for future development work.


Their deep knowledge of software development and their skill in managing the project instilled confidence in the client. Their team is professional and self-motivated.


We’ve chosen OpenGeeksLab because it was completely immersed in the project.
The company offered the golden mean between price and quality. When we had any questions, we could get in touch anytime with their 24/7 customer support. The team uses the Scrum methodology, so I was sure that the guys would meet deadlines.


The projects are going well. I am very happy with the teams working on them. We've got some tight deadlines to hit, which is a bit of a concern, but I can't fault the team, very knowledgeable and experienced. I plan to involve you in future dev projects, for sure.

Sarthak Patnaik

Big thank you to you, my team. I had a demo with the client. They are happy with the progress we have made so far. I really lucky that such professionals are working on my project

Trond Bjorøy

I was impressed by the team, and definitely reccomend them as trustfull service provider. I saw a clear success of my final product, already at the start of the collaboration

Nathalie Feldman

I am going to work with you further on the projects and have already advised you to my colleagues. And I took 1st place at the scientific conference because of your help with the project, so finding an investor is coming

Vera Danchenko

Guys, you are great! And it’s really true! Thank you for the hardworking, finally, we could show a stable project to the client. I had never doubt in you all

Go-To-Market Approach


Planning Phase

Applying the planning phase in your development model allows you to define how your product will work, how it will look, how long it will take to develop a product, and how much it will cost. See our go-to-market Playbook.

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UI/UX Design Phase

With proper design, you find real peoples’ pain points and solve real needs. Good design sells since your brand becomes a friend and advisor people want to rely on and follow.

Discover our playbook

Development Phase

End to end custom software solutions guarantee superior, fast, seamless, flexible, and easy-to-use final product.

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Partnership Options


Creating an App From Scratch

We plan, design, and develop projects from start to finish. We create products of all shapes, sizes, and complexity for a wide variety of platforms.

Staff Augmentation

To enhance your organizational capacity, you can choose staff augmentation and hire our experts with specific tech skills you need, on a temporary or an ongoing basis.

Scaling Our Team for an Existing Project

You can come to us with an existing project. We define what has been done already and build a project roadmap to detail what we are to help with

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