Custom blockchain application development gives a lot of new opportunities thanks to its popularity and secure decentralized nature.

Custom Blockchain App Development

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As a blockchain development company, we empower blockchain for startups, SMBs, enterprises with a robust security architecture to ensure immense data safety and freedom from authoritative control.

We cater to fintech, healthcare, transportation and logistics, education, entertainment, media, government, and many more industries. Our vetted blockchain developers and consultants create various software solutions. We cover smart contracts implementation, NFT tokens/NFT marketplace platform development services, decentralized apps (dApps) creation, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launching. Being an innovation partner in the industry, the company has delivered blockchain-based projects like GOeureka and UNFT.

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Blockchain Technology Solutions We Provide


Throughout every project, the company offers a 360-degree support and stands beside its clients to ensure best-in-class collaboration.

Unlock your business opportunities with our custom blockchain software solutions: from blockchain consulting to NFT marketplace development and enterprise blockchain development.

Smart contracts for public and private blockchain networks

You can get our blockchain experts aboard to develop self-executing EVM-based smart contracts and ensure there are no flaws, misbehaviors, cyber threats, or security holes.

Custom blockchain app development

If you got to apply a more specific functionality set tailored to your particular business needs and targets, then you are in safe hands with our leading-edge custom blockchain software solutions.

Non-fungible tokens

NFT tokens – crypto's hottest buzzword so far – reinvent businesses as we know them. From now on, you can deliver music, images, videos, digital real estate, virtual worlds to your audience in a brand new way. Give the niche a try and get your NFT marketplace development platform, developed by us from zero to hero. We keep security, compatibility, scalability, functionality at the heart of every project to match all expectations.

Yield farming

DeFi yield farming unlocks earning opportunities for liquidity providers and platform owners equally. As a result, we can witness an increased demand for DeFi yield farming development. It makes no wonder: this process has plenty of perks like a simple user interface, easy start, profit potential, interoperability.

ICO development and ICO launch

Although an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) reduces tons of paperwork, it remains a tedious process that requires proper planning and execution. As a reputable ICO development company, we will navigate you through this storm armed with roadmap strategy, whitepaper, landing page, token sale contract, crypto wallet to accept funds, transaction monitoring system, admin panel, investor panel, payment system, ICO fundraising dashboard, an ERC20/ERC-720-compliant token.

Blockchain consulting services

Before starting the blockchain application development process, you need to plan your go-to-market strategy. We are here to help you with end-to-end consulting services related to blockchain-based projects to translate your business goals into actionable product roadmaps.

Blockchain systems for SMBs/enterprises

When it comes to enhancing your small/medium-sized business or enterprise, arm yourself with a sophisticated yet powerful blockchain platform. It enables hassle-free and market-ready supply chain management, provenance tracking, digital identity management/electronic authentication, healthcare data storage, automated insurance quotes, online voting mechanisms, and many more. The unrivaled technology is a win-win.

DeFi development services

Decentralized finance development allows for performing financial operations and transactions, borrowing and lending money, trading assets, investing by cutting out all mediators represented by brick-and-mortar banks. Turn DeFi’s potential to your advantage with our DeFi development services integrated with lending protocols and decentralized exchanges (DEX).

DApp development

Built on Ethereum’s blockchain, decentralized applications are a way out for greater transparency, security, efficiency, faster payment processing, as well as reliable data recording over traditional mobile solutions. Turn to us to break into a whole new world of DApps that run on open standards.

Now that we’ve figured out the services, let’s uncover what stands behind the tech stack

Our team can build highly safe and stable decentralized applications using well-established custom blockchain software solutions.

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Blockchain Development Technologies
OpenGeeksLab Uses


Go get your organization ready for custom blockchain software solutions!

We deliver EVM-based blockchain development services through novel technologies powered by top compliance standards and protocols.


These technology advancements allow us to cover multiple industry verticals. Let's talk about each domain in more detail. Keep reading.

Industries We Serve

Blockchain technology solutions for sports and fitness. Custom blockchain solutions for Education. Blockchain technology solutions for transportation and logistics.

Blockchain technology solutions have gained such a level that they can be adopted in almost any industry. The blockchain application development process, applied in OpenGeeksLab covers the following fields.

Custom blockchain solutions for insurance industry. Blockchain technology solutions for banking and finance industry. Blockchain-based projects for digital government.

Banking and finance industry

It is now only a matter of time before blockchain becomes mainstream in the banking and finance industry, bringing forth a major disruption. Leverage blockchain development technologies for establishing trust through smart contracts, regulatory reporting, simplifying payments (including (cross-bank or cross-border transfers), advanced trading and investing, incorruptible financial data storage plus safe transactions, cryptocurrency wallet development, implementing blockchain-based loyalty or rewards programs, upgrading a customer’s digital identity management.

Enterprise blockchain development

With entirely different requirements, enterprises are taking a big zest in custom blockchain solutions. Due to advanced features, the technology allows for efficient running on an enterprise-scale, adopting novel approaches to enable smart contracts and digital wallets, boost data safety, as well as overall enterprise performance.


Apply custom blockchain solutions to improve credentialing and degree completion, record-keeping, a complete, verified record of content courses and all academic achievements, seamless payments, blockchain-based cloud storage space, blockchain-stored diplomas and certificates, digital badge programs, lessons, courses programmed into the blockchain and executed automatically, publishing with rights management and protection against piracy.

Healthcare and life sciences

Harnessing the potential of blockchain development services to create unalterable and secure storage for medical records, enhance traceability, unfalsifiable prescriptions, drug labeling. sharing patients' electronic health records via a distributed network of providers.

Entertainment and media

Create a comprehensive database for an artist, publisher, label rights, verifying publisher identity, tracking brand spending in media and advertising, fan-to-artist direct payments, ensuring fair royalty payments for music, movies, or streaming services, ticketing, loyalty programs, rewarding users for creating content, cash-back options while shopping online, approving the content's truthfulness, photo copyright registration, protecting users from data breaches.

Travel and hospitality industry

Blockchain applications can benefit the travel industry by reinventing daily operations like booking processes, property management, baggage tracking, identity management, secure transactions, as well as innovative customer loyalty programs.


The benefits of custom blockchain solutions can no longer be ignored in the insurance industry as well. Hire blockchain developers to streamline insurance operations, achieve higher transparency through streamlining third-party transactions, smart contracts, advanced reinsurance, data management and security, fraud prevention, enhancing know your customer (otherwise referred to as KYC) solutions, anti-money laundering (also known as AML) checks, claims to process management, predictive analytics, underwriting options, and so on.


Blockchain-based projects for digital government can eliminate a single point of failure and inherently protect sensitive business/citizen/government data, streamline processes, solve legacy pain points, reduce fraud, waste, and abuse while simultaneously increasing trust and accountability, reduce labor-intensive processes, ensure a smarter approach to government cost-cutting, combating possible corruption risks, building more trust in government as well as online civil service systems.

Transportation and logistics

Choose blockchain technology solutions to enhance supply chain and traceability; ensure security immutability and authenticity; reduce process complexity; improve operational efficiency.

Sports and fitness

Blockchain technology solutions are promising in terms of an athlete's health/fitness/medical status/performance record-keeping, sports betting. innovative fan engagement opportunities like loyalty reward schemes, collectibles, merchandise records, collectibles, exclusive interactions, voting rights. Sometimes, ownership can be reached in the form of NFTs, new revenue shares for teams or athletes fundraising, providing trusted verification of authenticity, global ticketing, managing ticket sales or refunds by means of automating cancelation insurance, reducing frauds or counterfeit tickets, integrating with wearables, drug testing, thus battling with doping issues, improved video streaming.

Below you can explore business blockchain platforms the company has already developed.

Projects We Have Developed


Since 2015, we have delivered more than 50 top-notch web and mobile apps in multiple domains for small/mid-sized businesses and enterprises around the globe. On top of that, we are currently working on ten more projects. As for blockchain applications, we have rolled out these solutions:

GOeureka, a hotel booking blockchain platform, brings a fresh concept to the whole hospitality industry.


A hotel booking blockchain platform for Central/Southeast Asia shaping the future of online hotel booking. Except for flat money, it has its own GO tokens thus ensuring a frictionless purchasing experience.


An NFT marketplace development platform to cover the USA market. An NFT marketplace, where users, represented by an artist or a company, can sell tokens (images). The application has integration with the OpenSea marketplace

Investing in art collectibles on a blockchain has become famous for the last years, and this idea took shape in UNFT, NFT marketplace development platform.
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Learn more about our projects here.

Case Studies

Perks Our Blockchain Development Services Bring Your Business


Much has been said about blockchain development technologies at-a-glance. And its implementation is no longer a matter of time. It is a must.

Below, let us tell you about the advantages you get if you choose OpenGeeksLab to be your blockchain software development company.

Customer-oriented blockchain application development process

We, at OpenGeeksLab, understand your specific business needs, objectives, priorities, customer pain points. Our blockchain development team is into adhering to strict timelines and quality deliverables to meet market demand. After conducting a proof of concept (POC) for your business idea, we build a workflow process and future goals to roll out non-trivial blockchain technology solutions from a customer-centric perspective.

Compliance blockchain technology consulting

A hassle-free blockchain application development process requires stakeholders to count security at every implementation layer, enabling efficient governance across the entire network. We’ll help you stick to critical security controls like access control/permission management, data privacy, smart contract security, and many more fundamentals. All applications we deliver are powered by secure and compliant blockchain technology solutions perfectly attuned to your particular business targets.

Reducing the operating costs of your business, thus generating more revenue

Blockchain technology solutions allow for freedom from third-party intermediaries' authoritarian control. That is to say, with no middleman involvement, you eliminate transaction costs while making them more secure and efficient.

One-of-a-kind blockchain-based projects

With the latest technologies and frameworks behind, our blockchain developers create applications for long-run stability. We pack every blockchain-based project with robust infrastructure security architecture, frictionless user experience, stunning yet clear UI, as well as a winning feature set to guarantee immense data safety.

Delivering more

Blockchain development technologies enable more efficient and cost-saving business operations, help streamline your financial transactions as well as improve overall performance anytime, anywhere.

Strengthening your organization's cyber security

Smart contracts for public and private blockchain networks ensure data integrity, along with transparent maintenance, security, regulation processes. Fully harness the technology potential, even in a semi-trusted environment.

Now that you’ve learned all the ins and outs, it’s high time to get to know the custom blockchain software development life cycle.

Custom Blockchain Software Solutions in a Nutshell

Go-To-Market Approach
If you want to faster the blockchain application development process, it is crucial to choose well-experienced specialists.

The blockchain application development process - from a bold idea to exceptional fully-fledged service – OpenGeeksLab has you covered! Click the link below to learn more.

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Notable Blockchain Development Technologies Adopters

Blockchain Adopters

The blockchain application development process - from a bold idea to exceptional fully-fledged service – OpenGeeksLab has you covered! Click the link below to learn more.

If you are into incorporating blockchain-based solutions in your operations, don’t miss the wave!

General Electric
JP Morgan
United Nations

Our vetted blockchain experts are happy to bring your ambitious product to life! Just drop us a line!

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With our high qualified blockchain experts, the development process becomes a cakewalk for companies.


Laine Kelly’s feedback on OpengeesLab.


Working with OpenGeeksLab has been such a delight. The level of effectiveness in each stage of developing the technical and creative side of bringing Tie Dye Ninjas vision to life has been outstanding!

Vlad was our project manager and we can’t speak more highly about him. He is very thorough and ensured an organized and effective production plan. I would definitely work along side Vlad and the entire OGL team again! Highly recommend OpenGeeksLab for any of your business development needs!

Aarthur Sheidt’s feedback on OpengeesLab.


OpenGeeksLab guided us through the entire development process with attentiveness and clear communication. The efficiency of their workflow allowed us to achieve fast and measurable deliverables.

Emmanuel Amuzie’s feedback on OpengeesLab.


I had a rewarding experience working with OpenGeeksLab. They are a professional group of talents who paid attention to every detail of my project. I will team up with them again in the future.

Roy Baladi’s feedback on OpengeesLab.


I hired the agency to build a telemedicine app. OpenGeeksLab asked thoughtful questions, was mindful of details, and was flexible in its approach. I expect a long-term partnership with this organization.

Chris Silveira’s feedback on OpengeesLab.


We needed a redesigned website and a mobile app for medical education consultancy services. That's why we reached out to OpenGeeksLab to assist with the transformation. Highly thorough and meticulous in its project management, the agency impressed us with on-time deliverables and dedication to the project's success.

Richard Wistow’s feedback on OpengeesLab.


OpenGeeksLab’s deep knowledge of software development and its skill in managing the project inspire trust. The team is professional and self-motivated. Their mastery and efforts are unquestionable.

Oleksandr Shypylenko’s feedback on OpengeesLab.


We’ve chosen OpenGeeksLab because it was completely immersed in the project.
The company offered the golden mean between price and quality. When we had any questions, we could get in touch anytime with their 24/7 customer support. The team uses the Scrum methodology, so I was sure that the guys would meet deadlines.

Henry Waterfall-Allen’s feedback on OpengeesLab.


The projects are going well. I am thrilled with the teams working on them. We got some tight deadlines to meet, which was a bit of concern, but I can’t blame the team; very knowledgeable and experienced. I plan to involve you in future dev projects, for sure.

Sarthak Patnaik’s feedback on OpengeesLab.

Sarthak Patnaik

Big thank you, my team. I had a demo with the client. They are happy with the progress we have made so far. I’m fortunate that such professionals are working on my project.

Trond Bjorøy’s feedback on OpengeesLab.

Trond Bjorøy

I am impressed by the team and recommend them as a reputable service provider. I was confident in the evident success of my final product at the very beginning of cooperation.

Nathalie Feldman’s feedback on OpengeesLab.

Nathalie Feldman

Excellent communication and understanding of our needs. A development followed after our requirements and the team helped us with original ideas about the improvement of our product.

Vera Danchenko’s feedback on OpengeesLab.

Vera Danchenko

I am the product manager at the company that specializes in providing white-label robo-advisory solutions for B2B to help them with financial planning for end-users. It is the third project we are working on with OpenGeeksLab. The team works transparently, within estimates and deadlines. Their experts can find the best solutions for non-ordinary tasks and implement specific features for a particular project.

Jeremy Jones’s feedback on OpengeesLab.

Jeremy Jones,

OpenGeeksLab works hard to create your vision! They met all of their deadlines and delivered a product that was better than I had originally planned. I am impressed by their high quality of work and we will continue to work with them in the future!

Partnership Options

Partnership Options

Scaling Our Team for an Existing Project

You can come to us with an existing project. We define what has been done already and build a project roadmap to detail what we are to help with

Staff Augmentation

To enhance your organizational capacity, you can choose staff augmentation and hire our experts with specific tech skills you need, on a temporary or an ongoing basis.

Scaling Our Team for an Existing Project

You can come to us with an existing project. We define what has been done already and build a project roadmap to detail what we are to help with

Our Clients

SolidFit is a fitness social network connecting sport enthusiasts with coaches.
SuperCarers is an online platform matching care professionals with families who need their services in the local area.
theCHIVE is a popular humor app for Android apps’ users.
The H Hub is a community-driven social network that connects brands with models, photographers, videographers, and other realtors.
SolarHome is a solar mobile app launched by a solar energy service provider.

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