Our Projects

Our Projects
Check out the Queen Car project development workflow.

Queen Car

Car Booking App

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Check out the Lezzoo project development workflow.


On-Demand Delivery Service

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Shift connects businesses and consumers with man & van services.


Multifunctional on-demand delivery service app for diverse loads in the UK

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The H Hub operates as a matchmaker for brands and creators (models, photographers, videographers, etc.).

The H Hub

Community-driven social network for brands and creators

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The rental management app helps keep information related to properties and tenants organized and easily accessible.

Rental Management App

A powerful real estate listing platform featuring advanced search filters and user-friendly navigation.

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Our team improved a financial statement software with the latest technologies.

Financial Statement Software

Responsive company valuation software for finance report generation.

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We’ve created an eSports streaming platform with flexible architecture.

ICO for eSports and Platform Development

eSports streaming platform modernized with tokenomics.

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Our team worked on an invoice insurance app.

Invoice Insurance App

Bad debt protection insurance.

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Take a look at A Blockchain-Based Project Pool created by OpenGeeksLab.

A Blockchain-Based Project Pool

A blockchain-based project pool with a number of independent solutions

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Take a look at the golf application example created by OpenGeeksLab.

Evidence Based Golf

Golf application that helps master the game

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An Ethereum DApp by OpenGeeksLab with a user-friendly interface.

A DApp On Ethereum

Blockchain decentralized web application that builds a new channel of profits.

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Our NFT clothing app is unique, profitable, and gives an opportunity to artists to earn more with blockchain.


The demo use case of blockchain in the fashion industry.

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Check out software solutions covering a mobile version for artists and an admin panel for managers.


Music Distribution Service

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Check out the Doctro.App project development workflow.


Telemed app to help doctors and patients stay connected in the age of COVID-19 outbreak

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SolidFit unites three basic fitness application categories into a single custom fitness app.

Solid Fit

Fitness social network that connects coaches and sports enthusiasts from LA to NY

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Blockchain and tokenization allow excluding intermediaries and ensuring almost zero fee commissions.


Blockchain-based platform shaping the future of online hotel booking

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