Hiring an app developer or a dedicated team is not as easy as it should be. Luckily, we’re here for you. We’ve covered every single detail of this topic, so be sure to find answers to your questions right here.

Hiring App Developers: Everything You Need To Know

Hiring app developers perfect for your project won’t be challenging if you know where and how to look for them. If you think that the only way for getting custom software solutions is to employ tech specialists, then we have good news for you. You can find web or mobile app developers for hire within hours to solve all your tech problems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever for nations and businesses. It showed the importance of business flexibility and digital integration into all crucial processes. Even though startup and business owners are actively interested in finding app developers for their projects, the demand for professional software programmers this year is enormous.

Startups and businesses in healthcare, banking, real estate, eCommerce, restaurant, beauty, along with many other industries discovered that they simply wouldn’t survive on the market without their own customized application as well as other digital solutions. Finding experienced app developers may be challenging because of a continuously growing demand. However, with our insights and tips, hiring an app developer or a dedicated team won’t be an issue for you.

Dedicated teams, in-house software engineers, and freelance app developers – they all have perks along with peculiarities. The goal of this article is to help you hire app programmers who would build you an excellent business product or assist with upgrading the existing one.

Why Hire App Developers

Recent data provided by ManpowerGroup state that 77% of employees face difficulties with filling their vacancies. Software development has become one of many industries with drastic talent shortage. Even though there are millions of technical specialists all over the world, such a number is not sufficient to satisfy every software need.

Some product companies choose to hire app developers for their own tech department and invest enormous resources in it each month. It is indeed a sound solution for them since they need a workforce to release regular updates and implement new functionality.

Alternatively, they can consider hiring app developers from offshore and onshore companies to save money and reduce the development cost.

So, is it really necessary to hire technical specialists to make an app? The short answer is yes. These days, digitalization and online presence are crucial for businesses wanting to engage with their existing customers and gain new ones. That’s because more and more people prefer ordering food, going shopping, booking hotels and tickets via their smartphones. Thus, a mobile or web application and website became an absolute must for businesses. Without them, entrepreneurs risk losing a large share of clients.

Companies use websites or applications to share their mission and vision with customers, showcase their products and services, publish contact information, and many more.

Today, when we can find a lot of ready-made software solutions, some businesses are hesitant to hire an app developer or even a development team to build their digital product from scratch. Hiring app developers can be a costly and challenging venture if you have a limited budget. However, out-of-the-box software still needs some basic technical competence and skills.

Additionally, you have no control over such products and will not be able to do anything if its owner decides to shut them down.

Given that, a custom software solution tailored to your specific business needs seems a more preferable option. By finding the reliable and most skilled app developers for hire, you will get an unparalleled solution that will meet all your unique requirements.

Freelancers vs. In-House Teams vs. Dedicated Development Teams

When hiring app developers you need to decide first whether you want to work with individual freelancers, in-house teams, or dedicated development teams. All three options have benefits and drawbacks. All of them are listed right here.

So, what exactly is vital to know when considering mobile or web app developers for hire? Let’s compare some peculiarities and drawbacks of working with individual freelancers, creating your own tech department, or hiring dedicated teams.

When to Consider Freelance App Developers for Hire

Freelance specialists are perfect for simple short-term projects with a small budget. In some cases, it would be more effective to hire one freelancer for the job than considering a tech team. So, here are some pros and cons of choosing freelance software developers:


  • Affordable price;
  • Good knowledge of their domain programming language;
  • Fast work delivery;
  • Good for short-term projects;
  • Offer time flexibility (may work at night);
  • Usually are passionate about what they’re doing.


  • Limited stack of technologies;
  • Limited programming skills and expertise;
  • Won’t provide you with full-cycle solutions;
  • Won’t give a detailed project documentation on your project;
  • Very likely won’t stay on your project for more than a year;
  • Don’t expect them to provide some additional services (non-development);
  • Doesn’t guarantee top-quality results;
  • Your collaboration will be based primarily on good faith;
  • May hide minor or major app mistakes from you;
  • Project management will be entirely on you;
  • May not be dedicated to your project as much as they should be;
  • May leave your project any time just like that;
  • May leave your project because of force majeure (illness, death, and so on); thus, you’ll have to seek another app coder for hire as their replacement;
  • Best freelance app developers are always on demand, so you’ll have to wait until they can start working on your project;
  • Might sell information about your product to a third party or use it by themselves.

Collaboration with freelance developers often turns into a sink or swim situation when you are either happy with the services they deliver or disappointed in them completely.

Luckily, there are a couple of other options to choose from.

In-House Developers

If you want to start a product company, having software developers as your regular employees is a good idea. However, a tech department also has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Highest possible dedication to your project;
  • Motivated to provide the best result possible (at least in the first two years);
  • You know about the development process in detail;
  • Can update and upgrade your product as often as needed;
  • Team is focused only on project-related tasks;
  • Their working quality is transparent
  • Always available within working hours.


  • You’ll have to buy and regularly update licensed software;
  • You’ll have to buy and regularly upgrade hardware, especially testing mobile devices;
  • You’ll have to pay taxes for each tech specialist in addition to sick leaves, vacations, along with everything else written in their job offer;
  • You need to ensure a fully equipped workplace for each tech employee;
  • Would regularly want a salary raise;
  • May still leave your company despite perfect working conditions and friendly staff.

Basically, all downsides of hiring and managing an in-house development team are relieved by additional expenses. Even established businesses with large budgets still prefer to outsource their digital products to reliable technology companies who will take responsibility for the development process.

Dedicated Teams and Agencies

If you want to build a digital product from scratch, a partnership with a seasoned software development company is the best option. In fact, it’s like having all the professional software development specialists you need for a reasonable price.


  • You may find a good development team for any budget;
  • Always ready to provide full-cycle solutions;
  • Deep expertise in a wide range of programming technologies;
  • May give suggestions on how to make your digital product better, more productive, as well as efficient;
  • Offer regular reporting on project development;
  • Perfect for large and long-term projects (even if an app developer leaves your project, they are replaced with another professional from their in-house talent pool);
  • Can work on your project for years;
  • When the project is finished, you’ll receive high-quality detailed project documentation;
  • Specialists are focused even on minor details of your project;
  • Usually can provide additional non-development services (for example, business analytics, design, management, or others);
  • Provide high-quality consulting services;
  • Motivated to offer you an efficient stack of technologies, specialists, methodologies, and others;
  • Work along with product quality is additionally checked by highly-skilled experts like Chief Technology Officer, Solution Architect, or Tech Lead;
  • Care about their reputation and their client satisfaction rate;
  • Are equally interested in short-term as well as long-term projects;
  • Collaboration is always contract-based, so there will be no legal issues;
  • No risk of fraudulence or stealing your idea;
  • A non-disclosure agreement fully guarantees your information confidentiality;
  • A dedicated team is fully focused on your project (and supports a digital product when it’s finished);
  • Teams may include a project manager who continuously monitors the working process and regularly sends reports;
  • Offer flexibility in the team, technology, management, and other crucial aspects;
  • Finding a reliable agency is easier than finding a dedicated freelancer and employee.


  • Project requirements may not be changed when the project starts (depending on the chosen engagement model);
  • Not as flexible in time as freelancers;
  • Cost more than hiring a freelancer (because top-quality complex solutions cannot have a cheap price tag).

The fact that hiring a development agency has more benefits than downsides proves once again that this collaboration format is the present and the future of both startups and established businesses. There’s no need to spend enormous resources on an employee who will leave your company one day if you can have different technical and non-technical experts available to work on your application and who continuously become even greater experts in their respective fields.


Where to Find App Developers

Best places to hire an app developer exist and there are many of them. Some are more convenient, some are less, but it is always good to have several options to choose from.

You may use different approaches to find a development team that will make a software solution for you from scratch. Here we should mention different online platforms, technical meetups, conferences, and workshops that you can visit in person, client testimonials. We hope that answers your question regarding where and how to hire an app developer.


If you consider hiring a developer to build an app, ask your colleagues and business partners to recommend you a reliable development company. If they are satisfied with the collaboration and the results they got, your colleagues will eagerly give you a recommendation. In this case, you can be ensured in the high quality of services provided by a web or mobile software developer or agency.

However, if someone you trust is pleased with the services provided by app builders for hire, it does not necessarily mean that you will be equally satisfied.

Platforms to Hire Freelance App Developers

These platforms are great and convenient because they give instant access to all details needed about candidates. Freelancer, Toptal, along with other similar services for hiring developers offer convenient functionality for effective candidate search and collaboration.

These platforms are handy because, in most cases, you don’t have to contact a candidate directly to get information on their domain expertise, professional skills, experience, portfolio, location, knowledge of needed languages (English, German, or others), and rate per hour.

If you plan to use such websites to hire freelance app developers, be ready to face certain challenges. First, the quality of their work may turn out much worse than you expected. Second, they may have issues with organizing their work, which may result in missed deadlines. Finally, hiring freelancers can be more risky in terms of security and confidentiality compared to a partnership[ with a software development company.

Reviews on such platforms also may be one of typical unwanted situations when expectations meet reality. There is no 100% guarantee that an actual client wrote the feedback you see on a freelancer’s profile.

However, it does not mean that hiring freelancers is risky, and you should discard this option. You can find many skilled professionals with profound knowledge and a deep understanding of certain technologies there. However, in some cases, you can come across negligent and dishonest professionals whose profiles do not match real experience and qualifications.

Unfortunately, there’s a high chance you meet them when looking for freelance mobile app developers or the ones who create web and desktop applications.

Job Websites to Find a Developer for Hire

Established businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs use Upwork and similar websites to search through lists of experienced freelancers or seasoned software development agencies to find the most suitable technology partner for their digital products. The logic of hiring an app developer via a job website is simple – you post a job description that specifies what kind of an application you need, your requirements, deadline, tools and technologies, contacts, and other important information. After that, all you have to do is to wait when candidates interested in your project will contact you and you will be able to discuss further cooperation.

These platforms will work for you if you want to save time searching and examining freelancers’ profiles and visiting the websites of development companies. However, you should also note that job websites cannot fully protect you from fraud because they are basically a marketplace with thousands of users from across countries. Thus, if you seek app makers for hire on a job platform, we strongly advise you to use especially reliable ones like Upwork, where potential risks are minimal.

Web Catalogs for Hiring App Developers

Another popular way to hire an app development agency for your software project is to visit review and rating platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms, which publish lists of the most reliable technology companies. You can narrow your search results by using such filters as location, hourly rates, services, budget, and industry, and thus, choose the agency that suits your project most.

If you are a client who wants to leave feedback regarding their development services quality received from a specific company, you’ll need to correspond with a web catalog manager and leave your feedback as an interview.

Tech and Business Events

The last but not least way to hire app development specialists is to attend technical conferences, summits, and workshops. Here, you can find many software development agencies that use such events to showcase their services and find new clients.

If you have already chosen the tech stack for your future software solution, you can visit events dedicated to this specific technology. For instance, WordCamp attracts WordPress developers, while on PyCon, you can meet talented Python developers from all over the world. Finally, JCon is a well-known community-building event that unites Java specialists.

The Full Stack Europe conference gathers full-stack software developers from different countries. If you want to hire mobile app developers to create an application for Android, you can check the Upcoming Events section on Google Developers for future offline and online events.

Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite, and Linkedin networks are still useful for finding online events and gatherings to hire an app development agency. We gathered a few upcoming events that might be useful for you:

  • Full Stack Europe – Full Stack Europe is a global conference aimed at educating devs on the stack (workshops and the main conference will be held in Antwerpen, Belgium on October 18-20, 2023).
  • TechSpo – One of the largest tech events dedicated to the latest innovations, emerging technologies and software products (Johannesburg, South Africa, October 19-20, 2023).
  • CubeCone + CloudNativeCon – a hybrid event (it takes place in person but has a virtual component for those who could not be present at the conference) that unites adopters and technologists (Chicago, November 6-9, 2023).
  • WebSummit – Web Summit unites experts as well as businesses who redefine the international tech market (Lisbon, November 13-16, 2023).
  • JCON World 2023 –  International Online Java Community Conference (November 20-22, 2023).
  • Slush –  the event brings together technology startups that require funding with venture capitalists (Helsinki, November 30-December 1, 2023)

Attending business conferences and technical events is beneficial for several reasons. First, here you can find a software development agency that will work on your digital product. Second, you can expand your network and meet new partners. Finally, such events will help you uncover the latest market trends.

Why You Cannot Hire Mobile App Developers or Other Tech Specialists on Github and Stack Overflow

Recently, StackOverflow and Github helped entrepreneurs to find and hire seasoned technical experts to build their software solutions. However, now these platforms no longer offer such an opportunity.


If you have been researching the topic of where to hire app developers, you may have found the reference to GitHub as a reliable resource for finding a professional app developer. However, we ought to warn you that this option does not exist anymore. The thing is that the platform published an announcement regarding the shutdown of GitGub Jobs on April 19, 2021.

Stack Overflow

This beloved platform is also no longer an option for seeking and hiring developers. On April 1, 2022 Stack Overflow announced that they shut down Stack Overflow Jobs and Developer Story. So bear in mind that this online resource for hiring professional developers is no longer available.

Luckily, nobody has seen Stack Overflow and GitHub as the primary sources for hiring software developers and other technical experts. You still have a variety of options that won’t go anywhere. Now, let’s move on from finding specialists towards what you need to consider before employing them.


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Focus on These Things Before You Hire Someone to Make an App

Surely, you want to hire an application developer with extensive expertise and good soft and hard skills. Here comes an interesting question: how can you hire app developers who will meet all your specific requirements?

To make things easier for you, we created a list of things you should take into account. Explore them carefully, and you will make the right choice:

Client Reviews

When hiring an app development agency, examine the client reviews to ensure you made the right choice.

Generally, clients post their feedback regarding the cooperation with a certain software developer on job websites and freelance platforms. They can rate the services of a development company and publish a detailed comment describing their experience.

Apart from that, software services providers publish customer testimonials on their corporate websites.

Here’s the example of our client review on Clutch:

Client reviews are often a decision-making tool to hire app developers. In fact, you can get more information about a freelance developer or a dedicated team from a couple of client reviews than from their description. However, don’t make hiring decisions based only on reviews, sometimes they intentionally tell lies.


When searching for an app developer for hire, it would be a sound idea to explore candidates’ portfolios in addition to their CVs. Web catalogs, job sites, and freelance platforms – all let software developers present projects they have worked on and highlight what specifically they did as well as for how long. When it comes to hiring a software development company, you can find a Case Study section on their website. Usually, each case study includes information on initial requirements, technical solutions, project duration, technology stack, team size, designs, link to the result along with other details.


When you hire someone to make an app, you should pay closer attention to how they feel and behave during an interview. By their replies and reaction to your question, you’ll be able to see if the candidate meets your expectations or if searching should continue. During an interview, take a look at how a candidate answers your questions (confidently and politely or not). This can give you more information than their resume.

Soft Skills

Remember that the soft skills of hired software developers are as important as their hard skills. So, good communication skills are crucial for the project’s success.

When you hire someone to build an app, you should establish a clear and straightforward collaboration process to ensure that you and your development team are on the same page and there are no misunderstandings. It is easier when you partner with a seasoned software development company, but it may be challenging when working with remote freelance developers.


If you want to hire an app developer who will deliver a high-quality software product, don’t hesitate to examine the skills and experience of the candidates.If we’re talking about a freelancer, you might as well check their LinkedIn profile and see whether they have a portfolio and reviews on several freelance platforms. However, if we’re talking about a development agency, it would be helpful to browse their website and profiles in different web catalogs.


Don’t rush to sign a contract with a freelance developer or a dedicated development team until you make sure that you do not have any communication issues. If you plan to hire app developers globally, be aware that you may face language barriers. Though, English language has recently become a language of business communication.

If you choose to hire a dedicated team and intend to communicate with all team members, you can talk to them before hiring and check whether you all know the English language enough to understand each other. However, if your communication will be limited to the project manager only, you should check the language level of this professional.

Engagement Model

The next thing you should consider when you decide to hire someone to develop an app is the collaboration format. There are three of the most widespread models to choose from. These are outstaffing, time and material, and fixed price. You can read more about them in our next chapter. Sometimes freelancers and outstaffing agencies may work on a monthly payment basis or come up with their custom engagement models. The most important thing you should note is that if you want to put changes into your app during its development process, the fixed price model won’t fit your particular case.

Project Requirements

You don’t have to provide a detailed explanation of your business idea and the solution you want to build. Still, you need to give candidates a basic project overview so that they can understand what type of software product they will need to create and what technologies and expertise this project requires.

Hiring mobile app developers and other tech engineers will be faster and easier if your project description includes the type of software you need to create, architecture, functionalities and features, tech stack, timelines, and other essential details. If you have not defined all those things yet and your requirements are a bit vague, don’t worry. A reliable development team will help you to clarify them during the planning stage.

Candidate Requirements

If you wonder how to hire an app developer and succeed, make up a list of qualities and hard and soft skills your perfect candidate should have. Also, it would not hurt to define your expectations. If you know what to expect, you will easily understand if something goes wrong. Additionally, you need to specify the technical competencies your project requires. They imply profound knowledge of certain programming languages, frameworks, and tools, and vast experience building certain software types. If you plan to hire mobile app developers, make sure they create solutions for your targeted platform.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Before telling the details of your future application and business idea to a newly-hired tech freelancer or a team, it would be wise to ask them to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). This document is especially helpful when you hire an app developer online and cannot meet them in person to check their reliability. Here, you should specify which project-related data cannot be disclosed and define the consequences of data leakage.

The things we discussed above will help you hire a coder to make an app that will provide you with a stable income. Give particular attention to these things when you consider working with cheap app developers who may disclose your sensitive information and, thus, harm your reputation.

The engagement models to use for collaboration with software engineers are not on this list only because they deserve their own section.

Engagement Models to Consider When Hiring an App Developer or a Team

Don’t know what engagement model to choose when it’s time to hire mobile app developers or other tech specialists? No worries, here are three most common and efficient variants.

The possibility of choosing an engagement model is one of the main advantages of hiring an app development agency. An individual app developer for hire usually offers a pay-per-hour collaboration model, while dedicated software development agencies have a wider range of options to offer their clients.

Fixed Price

As the name suggests, it ensures a fixed price for a completed software solution regardless of the expenses of the time the development team spent to deliver it.

If there’s a high chance you might want to change some parts of your product, you may choose one of the engagement models below.The biggest advantage of this cooperation model is cost clarity. For this reason, it is a good option if you want to build a custom web or mobile application with a strict budget.

Be aware that you will not be able to change the project scope effortlessly after signing a contract with the software development provider. You will have to negotiate each feature you want to add, which will increase the development time and, as a result, will cause significant delays in the product delivery.

Thus, you’ll need to think through all minor details in your project requirements before signing a contract.

Time and Material

If you want maximum flexibility, we recommend choosing a time and material model. It allows you to regulate the app development process, adding more features or crossing something out of the initial plan. With this model, you pay for the exact amount of work the development team did.

The time and material model enhances project flexibility because a client can add, remove and replace tech specialists working on the project, change the scope of work, add new tasks like implementing new features, and others.

Bear in mind that by modifying main project requirements, you increase development time, which leads to additional expenses.


Another option implies hiring an app developer or a team that will focus on your project solely for a specific amount of time. In this case, we are talking about the outstaffing model.

Great efficiency makes this model beneficial for the long-term app development process. Even if you need one or two remote software engineers to work on your app building, some development agencies offer this option as well. However, hiring several experienced app developers from one agency will be more productive and efficient.

Fixed price, as well as time and material, are the most winning options because of the stability they bring to the project.

If you are at a loss at what model to choose, a partnership with a reliable software development agency will make things easier for you. Their specialists will suggest the option that will work for your project.

The next thing we want to discuss is the hourly rates set by developers from all over the world.


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How Much Would It Cost You to Hire App Developers (by Location)

How to hire an app developer who perfectly fits your budget? We may not give a precise answer but we can give you the average rates of software developers as well as other tech specialists from different corners of the world.

The total cost of web and mobile app development services may significantly vary. Expertise, field experience, technology popularity, and the number of specialists on the market have a direct impact on the total price. One of the cost-defining factors is the location of your app developer. Specialists with the same skills and expertise have different prices per hour depending on the country they live in. Let’s take a look at  the list of average software development rates worldwide:

North America. If you want to hire app developers from this region, there are plenty of skilled programmers. Working with them will cost you about $120-250 per hour.

Australia. If you consider hiring app developers from Australia, be ready to pay $50-$150 per hour for their services. The rates depend on the technology and required expertise.

The Middle East. UAE and Israel are the most popular countries for hiring an app developer in this region. Software engineers in these countries have an average hourly rate of $100-200 for their services.

South America. Software development specialists in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil will create you an application for $30-60 per hour.

Asia. Programmers from India or the Republic of the Philippines have an average hourly rate of $30.

Western/Northern Europe. Countries in this region have many professional app coders for hire. Hourly rates for their services vary depending on the country and expertise. Working with the majority of these programming specialists will cost you about $100-150 per hour. The $300 per hour, or higher, is common for software developers living in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Eastern Europe. Hiring an app development specialist from one of the countries in Eastern Europe will cost you about $45-150 per hour. The majority of professional software engineers live in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

If you have no previous experience in hiring app developers, remember that high hourly rates set by a software development agency don’t always mean the highest quality of services they deliver. On the contrary, when hiring software developers with lower rates, you can be pleasantly surprised by the results of their work.

Of course, these prices aren’t carved in stone and may change in the next few months, but this criterion shouldn’t be the only one when hiring an app developer or a dedicated tech team.

Your ultimate choice will depend on other factors, including their technical proficiency, experience, previous projects, motivation, soft skills, and many more.

So, we have defined how average rates change depending on the location of technical experts. Now, let’s take a look at the squad of a typical development team.

What App Developers for Hire You Potentially Need for Your Project

The list of app developers for hire for your project is not long, but it includes all specialists you may need, potentially or definitely. Software developers, quality assurance engineers, designers, project managers, the list goes on.

Simple projects may not need a big team. However, based on our experience in building applications of different sizes, we can say for sure that the optimal development team your project will need consists of the following specialists.

Back-end Developer

You need back-end development software specialists to build the server side of your applications, also known as the back-end. It handles databases, server-side logic, application programming interfaces, and other things end users cannot see. Back-end engineers are responsible for building desktop, web, and mobile functionality. Additionally, back-end developers take measures to protect software from cyberattacks, find and fix bugs, and maintain databases.

When you decide to hire an app developer, ensure that this specialist has enough experience working with the technologies you have chosen for your project.

Front-end Developer

Front-end is also known as the client-side part of software. This software expert introduces the app’s back-end functionality to UI/UX design and makes them work as an integrated whole.

The main client-side components created by a front-end developer include buttons, interactive elements, images, and navigational menus.

For example, if you open an eCommerce store and click on a buy button, a front-end functionality makes the chosen item go to the cart or redirects you to the payment page where you need to fill in your information (name, card, shipment destination, and others).

A front-end developer that creates and designs user interfaces and user experience a compulsory member of the web app development team.

Mobile Developer

These experts create applications for mobile and tablet devices that run on iOS and Android platforms. Mobile developers can build you an application that would function only on one platform (iOS or Android) or both. Thus, depending on the mobile app you want, you can hire:

Native app developers – iOS tech experts won’t be able to build you a mobile app for Android and vice versa. They make mobile applications exclusively for a single platform and are learning programming languages and technologies specific to this platform. Remember this fact in mind when you plan to hire mobile app developers.

Cross-platform app developers – they can create an application that runs on both Android and iOS platforms. So, if you need a rather simple mobile app and want it to work on both platforms, these specific mobile app developers for hire are the ones you need.

Full-stack Specialist

Full-stack app developers to hire are must-have specialists for your project since such professionals who possess knowledge of front-end and back-end solution parts are as good as gold.

Thus, if you manage to hire an app developer who can build your application from start to finish and make sure that its back-end, front-end, and database parts work in sync, you can reduce the number of tech engineers working on your project. However, as you know, more experienced and talented tech specialists have higher rates.


These tech specialists are responsible for choosing the most efficient solutions for your project. They define which app architecture will work for your product. In this regard, software development architects resemble architecture designing the overall look of buildings.

Apart from that, they define the most suitable technology stack, functionality, and help build prototypes.

Finally, the architect reduces the chances of major issues that can make it necessary to redo completed product parts. This professional possesses vast knowledge and a deep understanding of different development areas and can come up with the solution that suits your requirements, deadlines, and budget the most.


DevOps engineer is responsible for making the process of app development maximum efficient, smooth, and safe. However, their main work is done at the deployment stage.

If you include a DevOps developer for hire in your team, they will additionally monitor bug removal timing and quality. Their contribution to testing, code refining, software infrastructure building, product flexibility, deploying, optimizing, automating, and many other processes is huge for the client and the entire development team.

QA Engineer

Quality assurance specialists don’t write code, but they are a highly important part of any development team because their job is to make sure that the product has no flaws in functionality and logic.

If you think that the software development process looks like this – first, a developer creates an app, and only after the work is done another specialist begins to test it, you should know that it doesn’t work like this.

Quality assurance engineers join the project at the beginning of the development process. They need to know how a future solution will perform to test it accordingly.

Apart from that, QA engineers test the product requirements to ensure their feasibility.

In some cases, such specialists can be added to the team when the development process has already started. They test pieces of functionality that have already been developed, and, after that, functionality is tested as a whole.

The job of QA experts is to ensure the smooth and flawless development process and that end users will not face any bugs when your solution will be released.

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designer is a specialist who makes websites and applications eye-pleasing and user-friendly. They actively participate in creating an app prototype, MVP, and fully-functional application. A UX (user experience) designer is responsible for placing every app element visible to users in the most convenient place so that a person can intuitively know what to click or tap to get what they want.

The UI (user interface) part of the app design is responsible for proper colors, brand-book compliance, sizes of buttons, fonts, along with other elements, and their placement on every page. Usually, both UI and UX parts are done by one designer. However, if you intend to build a massive complex digital platform, you might need at least one more designer to speed up the process. Thus, if you want to hire someone to create an app design, you need the one who specializes in both UI and UX.

Project Manager

Even though the project manager doesn’t write or test code, they are an essential part of the software creation process. So, when you hire someone to make an app for you, it would be convenient for the project budget to consider this specialist as well.

The main responsibilities of a project manager are:

  • Ensuring tasks timely delivery;
  • Smooth and productive teamwork;
  • Settling disputes within a team;
  • Project planning and analysis;
  • Project documentation;
  • Regular reporting to the client on the development process;
  • Communication with clients and team members, and others.

Business Analyst

Business analysts join the project team at the planning stage. Together with the project manager, architect, and other experts, BA analyzes the client’s project requirements and compares them with similar products already existing on the market.

With the help of mind mapping, SWOT analysis, and many other analytical techniques, BA specialists define what functionalities, features, business models, and market strategies will be most effective for every particular product. At some point, business analysts are a significant part of making software solutions custom. Thus, when you hire someone to build an app and you’re not too short on a budget, your future business app will benefit from having a BA in the development team.

We hope this section was useful and gave you a better understanding of what these specialists do and how they can empower your product with their expertise. In the vast majority of cases, you need more than one specialist to build a web or mobile application. Even having a full-stack engineer is not enough. Luckily, you’ll be able to find and hire all the specialists from the list above.

The next section is especially informative for business or startup owners who want to hire a reliable dedicated team for the project.


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Signs of Best App Developers and Development Teams

When you’re wondering how to hire a programmer for an app building, it would be a plus to pay attention to the signs of a dedicated team.

Project Management

Even though coding is the core side of the application-building process, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of good-quality project management. When you have a person to make all planning, design, development, and testing processes be in harmony, you can focus on many other things like business strategy, marketing, friends and family (or simply enjoy life!).

Wide Stack of Tools and Technologies

It is always best to have different options available within reach. When you hire a developer to make an app, you should remember that your project will stick to their domain programming technology stack, and there won’t be an option to change it just like that. At this point, a dedicated team offers you flexibility and additional programming as well as management options.

Regular Reporting

It is crucial to get regular reports from a development team that will update you on the project’s progress. If you hire freelance developers, ask them to provide daily or weekly plans and reports on completed tasks. Luckily, when hiring a dedicated team from a technology company, you will communicate with a project manager who will send your reports per your request in any form you find convenient.

Smooth and Regular Communication

When looking for an app developer, give preference to specialists who are always ready to communicate. The success of your future application largely depends on the quality of communication between you and your development team. If a software engineer refuses to admit and fix mistakes in the code and argues with other team members, the productivity and efficiency of the entire development team will be negatively affected. To minimize such risks, we recommend hiring app developers working in one company.

Motivation to Do a Bit More Than You Asked

Finding a mobile app developer or any other technical expert passionate about making powerful technology solutions can be challenging. Unfortunately, some specialists quickly lose their motivation and desire for professional growth. So, if you meet a motivated team who knows how to make your product shine, don’t lose them even when the project is completed. You will need these specialists to launch regular updates and functionality upgrades.

Valid Suggestions and Product Improvements

A seasoned technical specialist who has delivered multiple projects knows how to build high-quality solutions that bring actual value to end users. Based on their experience, they always will help you find weak points in your product and suggest some improvements. All you have to do is to reject or accept them.

However, in most cases, all those suggestions made by the development team will be beneficial for your application. You will get a robust and stable application with powerful functionality. Therefore, we recommend listening carefully to their recommendations.

Rapid Prototyping

Choose a professional development team who knows how to build and launch minimum viable products. With this help, you will be able to validate your business venture and ensure that it is worth investing in before delving deeper into the development process.

The MVP launch is especially helpful if you need funding for your startup.

If you need to launch a prototype quickly to test your business idea, the best solution will be to partner with a reliable dedicated development team with vast experience in your domain.

These are only the main things that show tech team expertise, professionalism, and motivation to create outstanding high-quality products for business or society. When you see them all in one team, you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice.

Reasons to Hire OpenGeeksLab’s Software Development Team

In case you’re wondering how to hire an app development company and think that it is a complicated process, we can guarantee you that working with OpenGeeksLab’s professionals is an as-easy-as-a-pie process.

We have a wide range of development and non-development experts for projects of any size or difficulty. If you want to hire dedicated app developers, we have a vast talent pool and provide services that include:

  • Custom web and mobile app development
  • EVM-based blockchain
  • Quality assurance
  • DevOps services
  • Business analysis
  • UI/UX design, and more.

To be closer to our future and current clients, we have offices across Europe and representatives around the world.

Where to hire someone to make an app? Tough question for a person dealing with it for the first time. You may find developers all over the world, and right here, you may find our offices, representatives as well as research and development centers.

Since the beginning of our software development journey, we have successfully delivered over 85 projects for industries like transportation and logistics, fintech, entertainment, healthcare, and blockchain-based solutions.

It should be noted that our vast expertise covers other domains as well. So, if you want to build an application to support your business or want to occupy a new niche with your digital product, it will be a good option to hire developers from OpenGeeksLab.

Just drop us a line. Our technical experts will show our software development services can take your business to the next level.

Just tell us what application you want, and we’ll do the rest!

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