Core reasons for full-stack development to make your SMEs successful.

Mobile Full Stack Developer Hiring: Top 13 Reasons To Build Your App

Like everything in the world, business tends to globalization and unification. This makes the profession of a mobile full stack developer one of the leading in the modern web and mobile development market.

A mobile full stack developer is experienced and flexible enough to take almost any position in application development for mobile platforms like iOS or Android. The profound knowledge and experience they have in the software development domain make these experts a must-have for any company.

In this post, OpenGeeksLab ponders upon key characteristics of professional developers and 13 main reasons to engage a full stack developer in your project.

Full Stack Mobile Development Market State

Full-stack development is on trend.

Trend on mobile full stack developer emerged several years ago and is still gaining popularity. The full stack developer’s profession entered the top three high-ranked jobs in 2019, according to Indeed. The demand for mobile full stack developers is high, judging by a CareerFoundry report about nearly 26,000 open full stack positions in the US alone in 2022. This leap was triggered by an increasing unification tendency claiming all-inclusive solutions are a must for businesses that develop.

High demand initiated intense growth of this domain, causing more full stack frameworks to appear. They, as a result, enable overall developer retraining and full stack technologies evolution. Besides, a high versatility level and the ability to replace two or three regular engineers make a mobile full stack developer a valuable team member. Their level of income is also high, which engages more people in mobile full stack developer training. On average, such a specialist would end up with salaries reaching up to $121,961 per year or up to 5 thousand dollars per month in the US.

Furthermore, the growing popularity of remote work during the after-pandemic period also has increased the demand for full stack developers.

The digital environment shifting changes the programming industry by offering full stack engineers global exposure. Hiring a mobile full stack developer may be the finest decision you can make for your company. However, before making a decision, you need to consider all aspects of this development approach.

What Is a Full Stack App Developer?

A mobile full stack developer is a software development specialist who can operate on both the server and client sides of digital products. These technical specialists usually work on the entire stack of a software program, which includes front and back end parts, server, database, API, and more. Since such experts use a wide range of tech stacks connected to every side of app development, we call them “full stack,” meaning they can cover almost every role in a software creation process.

Engineers who offer full stack services can transform clients’ needs into the entire architecture or new systems and implement them, which is considered a full-fledged full stack mobile development.

However, a full stack developer does not have to be an expert in every technology. While designing an application, such a specialist is required to work on both the client and server sides and comprehend what is going on. They should be genuinely interested and aware of all aspects of full stack mobile development.

So, when hiring a full stack developer, ensure that they are educated about all levels involved in digital product development to convert it into a polished application. They must have a broad understanding of how everything operates from top to bottom and can foresee potential issues. That is why we will continue with the deeper overview of challenges that are usually present in full stack mobile development.


Key Challenges a Full Stack App Developer Should Deal With

Main technologies to be aware of for a proficient mobile full stack developer.

Efficiency and cost are two of the essential aspects of full stack mobile development, and midsize businesses are more likely than anybody else to hire full stack developers. It’s understandable: everyone wants to save resources and still get high-quality solutions, and full stack mobile development is a perfect way to achieve it.

Full stack app developers may solve many of the primary nuances that can appear while software development, such as inefficiency, communication troubles, delivery backlogs, and so on. Check out the primary challenges that full stack specialists can address:

1. Frontend Code Optimization

Frontend optimization stands among the most challenging project features full stack app developers meet while working on websites or applications. Frontend basically concerns interface solutions from a search bar, logo, and other interface nuances to an overall layout and how users interact with the page. So, frontend engineers are in control of how digital solutions look and feel, which is crucial while developing mobile or web projects. To code the frontend, engineers commonly use third-party libraries such as JQuery, REACT, AngularJS, different frameworks, and programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and many more.

2. Backend Development

Backend is a second basic part of full stack app developers skillset, helping make updates and modernization in addition to monitoring the functionality of an application. Under backend, one usually means website’s or application’s logic that manages user authentication and data processing, working on any server-side of digital product, so such engineers are mostly concentrated on how apps perform. Designing web or mobile project’s backend part, full stack app developers use programming languages like Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, C#, and others.

3. Databases Management

Apart from frontend and backend knowledge, full stack app developers should understand how databases function. Such engineers must distinguish between various database relations and be aware of cloud technologies. Databases that are currently in demand are MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, SQLServer, and other databases. MongoDB is becoming increasingly often used in Internet products as a document-type database. On average, professional full stack mobile developer may apply MySQL or commercial Oracle as the backend database for more complex applications. Memory databases like Redis, on the other hand, can be used for caching to increase system speed.

4. API Integration

API layers refer to understanding how the outside world interacts with the business logic and data model, as well as employing frameworks and writing clear, consistent, and easy-to-use interfaces. API implementation and third-party services became almost as vital as frontend or backend in developing software. Software engineer who uses these technologies enjoy co-partnering benefits instead of wasting time while designing their own solutions.


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5. Profound Infrastructure Knowledge

Among other characteristic features of proficient full stack mobile developer, general system knowledge takes an important place. Due to a broad knowledge of infrastructural сonnections, engineers quickly detect challenging issues and turn project weaknesses into its benefits. Hosting, server, and network environments entail knowing what might go wrong and why, making effective use of the file system, cloud storage, and network resources, and knowing how to scale applications given hardware restrictions and collaborating with DevOps.

6. Hardware Solutions

A modern vision of a proficient web or mobile full stack app developer covers not only different software experiences like frontend, backend, websites, mobile applications, and more, but also the opportunity to work with hardware solutions. For example, they can design computer hardware, use a CAD tool to develop schematics, or plan printed circuit boards. After that, they can create software to test and run the hardware, so they can be able to build patent-pending or market-ready hardware and software. Having experienced full stack specialists in the company prevents delays connected to hardware failures.

7. Project Control and Basic Client Management

One more talent a full stack app developer should possess is related to organization, time management, and administrative skills. They are to find an approach to clients or colleagues taking maximum advantage of current projects. Basically, full stack programmers must know how strategically build the development stages such as planning, design, development, and implementation phases.  Besides, developers from a highly relatable full stack development company can perform project or sales manager’s functions in case of emergency.

8. Security Issues

Apart from pure development and basic administration, a professional web or mobile full stack developer is capable of ensuring the company’s or project’s security on basic levels.

Besides, such specialists should take care of:

  • working within various full stack web application frameworks like Node.js, Django, and many more;
  • understanding hybrid forms of mobile development;
  • administrating media queries or single page websites or applications;
  • easy switching between different domains without delays;
  • having relevant information and upgrading own knowledge to keep up with modern technologies.

Still, working with a full stack development company, business runners should understand that real people proably won’t correspond with the ideal picture presented above. So, it would be best to be prepared to meet minor hardships accompanying profits of full stack development technology.


13 Benefits While Hiring Web or Mobile Full Stack Developer for Your Project

11 benefits you get choosing full-stack developers to build your project.

Now that you’ve read the fundamentals of full stack solutions, you can understand why many companies prefer to work with a reliable full stack development company.

A full stack mobile app developer who can call jacks of all trades, simplifies the whole process by providing a single point of contact for everything, from digital product ideation to application deployment. It lowers development errors, allowing businesses to leverage all their talents in a cost-effective manner.

If you’re considering working with a full stack software development company, keep reading to learn about the benefits of having such an engineer in your team:

1. Competent Partnership

One of the main motivations to employ full stack experts is effective teamwork. It becomes an effective way out for a business owner who expects to get the most out of a bare concept, because skilled developers may create a complete project from scratch. Furthermore, a professional mobile app full stack developer is generally aware of current market conditions, allowing them to analyze all potential scenarios for end products and come up with market-ready innovations.

2. Multiple Proficiency

Unlike frontend experts who can only work on user interfaces and backend engineers who can only work on backend functions, a web or mobile app full stack developer can operate on both interface and server side. Developers that work on full stack projects use a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including Java, Python, HTML, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript, and others. The developer’s portfolio should contain as many different technologies as possible.

3. Flexibility

Developers use different technologies for software creation and most of their tech requires good skills and solid knowledge of various programming languages. Full stack software engineers need to be adaptive when working with different technical environments, which forms the critically important flexibility mindset.

Using the most of their skills, knowledge, and resources, full stack developers can work with both back and front-end parts of the project. They can be responsible for both app’s architecture and internal logic, as well as connect raw code with the UI.

4. Wider View

Working with full stack software creators allows you broader viewpoints and perspectives during a workflow. Specialists working on a full stack application development seek unique approaches and solutions to make the finished product stand out. The developer’s flexibility is enhanced by their diverse skills in a website or full stack mobile development, as well as various completed projects. As a result, in the case of an emergency, they can fill any role or replace anyone on the development team.

5. Additional Skills

When you hire a full stack web designer or developer, you get a worker who can execute as well as manage. When performing a full stack programming, developers frequently run into issues with workflow structure or optimization. Furthermore, they will be in charge of the project at all phases, gaining fundamental management skills in the process. Hiring a full stack experts, on the other hand, cannot completely replace a professional project manager and might be time-consuming at particular stages.

6. User-Friendly Approach

Interface and design play a significant part in creating a great user experience, thus to attract customers full stack mobile developer or designer focuses on current trends in UX and UI design standards. While conducting a full stack development, engineers claim the interface design is intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use. They focus on implementing creative features that ensure the product’s originality and accessibility.


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7. Effective Troubleshooting on Time

Effective troubleshooting is determined by two elements. The first is spotting issues as early as possible, finding appropriate solutions during the full stack mobile app development process. The second is post-release support and updates because problems might arise out of nowhere due to external reasons. Hiring a full stack developer addresses two problems at once because such professionals are generally aware of both elements and have previously established effective methods to deal with either problem type.

8. All-In-One Solution

Full stack application developer can not only manage a project, operate as a team member, or implement innovations, but they can also represent a finished product. They have practical expertise across several spheres of the development process. Developers are significant participants at conferences because they have a lot of relevant data about the current full stack software, and they may know specifics that might assist sales managers make reasonable arguments to stakeholders.

9. Cheaper Solution for Better Result

SMEs commonly cannot afford to invest large sums of money in full stack startups though having a great idea that is relevant to the current market. As a cost-effective alternative, hire a freelance full stack developer or a full stack software development company. They can handle all project phases by themselves, from the basic idea to the final presentation, thanks to their vast practice. To provide a product on time, business owners do not need to recruit a whole development team; this significantly cuts costs while keeping project profit.

10. No Delays

Even in the early stages of your projects, full stack developer abilities might be handy. Developers analyze various scenarios and create suitable working strategies based on their unique expertise. They can also help in distribution of duties among all members of the development team or the coordination of workflow. Incorporating real-world developer expertise into the full stack app development process helps to minimize delays and, in most cases, decreases overall hours of work.

11. High Responsibility Level

At any point in the project development process, hiring specialists with the largest hands-on experience is an excellent idea. Experienced programmers can manage project development from start to finish, regardless of when they join. If the web or mobile app full stack developer is hired in the midst of the process, business owners may expect newcomers to quickly adapt to the team and apply quality-directed offers, resulting in successful output in shorter amounts of time.

12. An Increased ROI

Because the hourly fee of a web or mobile full stack developer is generally greater than its alternatives, many firms hire frontend developers or backend developers instead of full stack experts. Full stack programmers will have more experience if you look at the whole picture. As a result, they can code more quickly and effectively. Furthermore, such an approach may remove the entire process of organizing and merging numerous developers’ scripts. This lowers costs while enhancing overall ROI (Returns over Investment). Still, think thoroughly if this model fits exactly your project.

13. Using an API

To construct an app, engineers work from the frontend or backend, but third-party connectors also play an important role. Integrating third-party services can be a time-consuming and exhausting process itself. A developer must integrate the API’s code into the real code before automating the two functions to include third-party APIs. Through API integrations, full stack developers are skilled in completing such operations and turn the app into a fully automated process.

The benefits above can help you understand how suitable is full stack mobile development approach in your case and make sensible decisions in hiring experts for building your digital product.

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A full stack development company is an upcoming trend offering a lot of advantages both for startups and developed companies. Choosing the proper full stack mobile app developer is based on a variety of criteria. For example, if your organization produces a wide range of software products, full stack engineers are likely to be a better fit to meet all of your needs. If your organization focuses on certain sectors or specialty of development, though, you’ll need specialist back-end or front-end programmers, depending on your particular needs.

We hope that by sharing our expertise in full stack development approach we have helped you become more knowledgeable and confident in your decision to hire your own developer for your team – if you choose to do so.

OpenGeeksLab does not stand apart from modern trends – our experienced full stack app developers are always ready for a productive partnership doing their best to find an end to end software solutions that perfectly fit your business case.

Do not hesitate! Drop us a line and use your opportunity to get a vision that is more compelling than your wildest dreams.

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