Motion Graphics Trends to Look out for in 2019

March 29, 2019

Animation design proved to be a powerful tool to break your message through overproduced content in a split-second. Motion graphics animation offers a wide range of possibilities and is used wherever content is produced—entertainment, business, social networks, marketing, motion picture industry, education, healthcare. Companies are using animation in websites and apps.

In this article, openGeeksLab has highlighted massive motion graphics trends to look out for in 2019.

Animation Design Trends

Video source: Bēhance

The below trends are likely to continue to remain popular and grow.

1. Extremely Complex Visual Effects and 3D

Extremely complex 3D motion graphics video and VFX stand out from mediocre video content, offering viewers a unique visual experience. From the improvement of details and aesthetics, which help in the creation of a more beautiful picture to the enhancement of dramatic moments and the increase of the overall advertising effect.

2. Much More 3D

2019 and the upcoming years are all about 3D. From commercials to marketing campaigns, and game design. The power of 3D opens new opportunities to showcase breathtaking pictures and scenes in combination with captivating animation, audio, and video.

3. Merge 2D with 3D Animation

A thoughtful combination of 2D motion graphics and 3D motion graphics is an excellent option for marketing campaigns—from small commercials to large budget projects at an affordable price. Merging 2D with 3D elements allows you to offer viewers lots of new and exciting impressions.

4. Retro Motion Design

Retro graphics brings a breath of fresh air into the oldies but goodies things. Retro is all about an entirely different style compared to modern design. Retro effects in animation design look marvelous. With this style, you can evoke nostalgia and win more clients. And don’t hesitate to bring in more magic to the scenes by merging retro with visual effects.

5. Brand GIFs

Creative GIFs have tremendous business power and can be used even more by companies that want to sell themselves in the digital space. Thanks to their small scale and wide availability, brand GIFs are a great way to make your message heard and shared, attract customers, especially in social networks.

6. Isometric Animation

With isometric animation, designers can represent 3D elements on two-dimensional screens and show details which aren’t visible from above or from the side. Eye-popping isometric graphics is a powerful tool to showcase your product functionality and behavior, or various business processes.


Video source: Bēhance

Typography is all about how to add text overlay to your video.

1. Kinetic Typography

Here movement, color, shape, size, and text are combined to express ideas or emotions using video animation. The technique is perfect for any promotional activity—marketing campaign, commercials, branding, website or app.

Kinetic typography allows designers to stretch, pixel, twist, and morph text as they like, often applying the 3D effect.

2. Broken Text Effect

Broken text is not a new trend, you can use it if you wish. The beauty of broken text is that words and letters can be displayed in many ways. They may appear gradually, one after another, or can be placed at various levels, or might be animated. Letters, in turn, can be deconstructed and scattered around the screen.

3. Big and Bold Typography

Big and bold typography allows conveying a message with the help of words that visually capture the screen and make up the main elements of the video. Brands are actively applying this technique to websites, as it allows introducing themselves effectively and creatively.


Video source: Bēhance

You can always add effects to your video. Here are some of them you can choose from.

1. Liquid Motion

Instead of clear transitions and scene changes, liquid motion effect is about adding bursts of color and liquid-like flowing shapes. They are transformed into new forms, creating abstract or real visual shapes. This style allows enabling seamless transition and adding an organic feel to the design.

2. Trendy Color Palettes

As color is a form of brand expression, your design should stand out. Bright and bold colors continue occupying center stage in motion graphics background. Eye-catching neon color palettes are a great source of inspiration for animation design creation.

3. Animated Logos

Animated logos perfectly captivate audience attention in digital space in a brand new way. Logo motion animation brings a unique and specific feeling to your brand by transforming, warping, expanding, hiding, rotating letters or symbols. By the way, we’ve already written an article on how to design a logo to bring in more profits for your business.

4. Glitch Effect

Glitch effect and glitch distortion are among the top techniques in animation design. They have broken into almost all aspects of modern culture: from fashion, marketing, branding, and packaging to TV, film and ad campaigns. The distorted and scratchy effect reminds viewers of an old small static TV screen and makes people feel nostalgic.

5. Morphing

Morphing is the video effect of smooth converting one element to another. Transforming images and forms helps to show more in less time. If you’re looking for an attractive way to connect ideas, consider morphing.

Mix of Techniques and Styles

Video source: Bēhance

A mix of techniques and styles is gaining more and more popularity: a combination of stop-motion and 3D motion graphics elements, time-lapse and 2D, 2D- and 3D-animation. Such an approach allows experts to get great stylistic decisions and improve final product quality. This year is about experimentation and creating new stuff to achieve the best motion graphics.

What Trend to Choose?

Animation design in 2019 is all about much more 3D, highly complex visual effects, big and bold typography, trendy color palettes. To integrate motion efficiently, consider what objectives you want to achieve, and for how long. Don’t blindly follow all the trends, but apply the most appropriate animation solutions for your business. It can be either the freshest stuff or the oldies but goodies, or a mix of techniques and styles.

Cool motion graphics improves user immersion and experience, makes your content exciting and fun, attracts additional traffic, and increases product competitiveness. And we know how to apply animation design best solutions that sell.

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