Top 9 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rock Your Business

Top 9 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rock Your Business

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, Internet of Things, blockchain, the cloud are now at your fingertips. This is what top mobile app development trends are all about. In this article, OpenGeeksLab has listed top mobile app trends, which bring more possibilities, optimization, security, and comfort to your business and end-users. Let’s dig deeper.

Top Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rock Your Business

1. Cloud Expansion

cloud-based mobile app development

SMEs massively migrate to cloud-based mobile app development. With the help of cloud services technologies, it is no longer a question for a business of having direct access to data anywhere, on any device, at any time. It is no longer a question of running several servers simultaneously. Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a great variety of cloud services. Besides speeding up data processing, the cloud provides businesses with massive advantages.

Hence, top cloud mobile app development benefits for your business are:

  • Reduced hosting expenses, increased efficiency, server reliability. Cloud management technology allows you to reduce hosting costs, automate a large number of business operations, optimize quality as multiple teams can be engaged in a project simultaneously without workflow disruption.
  • Application enhancement. Cloud-based apps ensure immediate response to business requirements – they require fewer storage resources, provide lower latency, can be quickly scaled up, updated, tested, and deployed. All that means faster time to market.
  • Better security. Cloud software allows you to control access to the virtual machine on which the application is running as well as to manage data flow.

2. Artificial Intelligence App Development

artificial intelligence app development

AI-powered solutions impact daily business life. Top trends like AI business operations, robotic process automation as well as intelligent process automation create new opportunities, allow identifying potential risks, and significantly improving the customer experience.

Top benefits of AI mobile app development for your business:

  • Cyber fraud prevention technology allows you effectively to cope with fraudulent behavior using AI-powered algorithms.
  • Risk management and predictive analytics allow figuring out new ideas and opportunities, optimizing expenditures, preventing potential risks.
  • Improving the customer experience ensures better customer targeting applying robo-advice (chatbots), AI-powered purchase and saving recommendations, consumer behavior traction, customization, credit scores analysis from multiple layers, and brand new payment gateways.
  • Image recognition, connected sensors, IoT, big data.

3. AR Mobile App Development and Mobile VR Development

ar mobile app development and mobile vr development

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology reigns supreme among application development trends with a new generation of hardware and software aimed at SMEs and their end-users.

Top benefits of AR and VR technology for your business:

  • Healthcare. IrisVision provides people with vision loss to regain their sight with AR-powered low vision glasses.
  • Manufacturing. DAQRI offers its customers AR-powered smart helmets which integrate the digital data into the environment in real-time, directly into the users’ field of vision.
  • Augmented reality training simulators. AR training simulators for workers engaged in high-risk fields and heavy industries allow solving abnormal issues, decreasing the risk of injuries, costly mistakes.
  • Retail. Gucci adopted augmented reality to offer shoppers to digitally try on brand stuff, or decorate homes with decor items.
  • Entertainment and gaming. YouTube VR provides users with VR-ready 360 degree videos.
  • AR- and VR-powered education. The Google Expeditions app allows students to go on immersive VR trips and explore breathtaking AR objects.

4. IoT Mobile App Ideas

iot mobile app ideas

Almost any object can act as an IoT device as soon as it’s connected to the Internet and controlled that way. You can adopt IoT mobile app ideas for any industry – smart city, connected industry, connected building, connected car, smart energy, connected health, smart supply chain, smart agriculture, smart retail.

Amazon “Go” cashless stores use cameras which capture and scan products that customers have selected as well as automatically conduct payments without human interference. Google Nest offers smart thermostats which can heat or cool rooms analyzing the ambient temperature and your preferences.

5. 5G Apps

5g apps

5g wireless technology has not been released globally yet. It can hit the upcoming trends in application development due to things which are impossible via 4G technology. 5G is capable of ensuring up to 1K connected devices per person simultaneously. It means new use cases for SMEs – remote machinery control, connected automotive, cloud AR/VR, wireless eHealth, industrial IoT, smart cities, advanced rescue services, big data management.

Top benefits of apps based on 5G for your business:

  • Extremely high speed and bandwidth.
  • Near-zero latency.
  • More connected devices.
  • Reducing power consumption.
  • Increased connectivity density.

6. Android Instant Apps

android instant apps

Android instant apps, which are the type of native mobile applications, do not require downloading and installing on a smartphone. Users simply need to tap the URL. Such an app has a limited functionality compared to a full app. An instant app is available only as long a user uses it. Once an application window is closed, it disappears.

The New York Times Crossword app for crosswords solving, and HotPads for apartment and home rentals are great examples of instant apps.

Top benefits of Android instant apps for your business:

  • Convenience of installing without downloading.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • High on performance.
  • Shareable and discoverable.
  • Reaching a wider audience and its retention.
  • Ease of development.
  • Transforming a full app into an instant app if needed.

7. Mobile Wallet Apps

digital wallet

Virtual and digital currencies have become an integral part of mCommerce due to their convenience, high security, fraud prevention technology. Ensure your users can make purchases via digital wallets or mobile payments like Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Samsung Pay.

Top benefits of a digital wallet for your business:

  • Ensuring customer convenience by providing instant payment.
  • Improving customer service via access to such customer data as shopping behavior and demands.
  • Increasing sales by reaching a wider audience and its retention.
  • Time- and cost-saving.
  • Ensuring payment transparency.
  • Multi-currency transactions support – both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH).

8. Blockchain


Blockchain technology is continually revolutionizing the mobile app market. eCommerce, banking, financial institutions, FinTech, insurance, real estate, healthcare, wills inheritance, crowdfunding (ICO), protecting ownership rights adopt robust Blockchain-based solutions.

Blockchain technology is a must for SMEs due to enabling:

  • Transparent payments transactions via blockchain.
  • Smart contracts development.
  • Networking and IoT.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Cloud data storage via blockchain.
  • Digital identity (KYC).
  • Protecting ownership rights.
  • ICO development.

9. Beacon Technology Solutions

beacon technology solutions

A beacon means a small radio transmitter which uses Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology. Repeatedly sending signals to smartphones which are next to it, a beacon can pinpoint users current location to serve content based on where they are.

Carrefour hypermarket applied beacon technology to collect big data on customer behavior to provide shoppers with personalized information about products, discounts, special offers. Walmart hypermarket, in turn, adopted beacon technology by integrating beacons into GE light bulbs to send customers push notifications of specials and discount coupons.

Top benefits of beacons for SMEs:

  • Rolling out a unique personalized user experience.
  • Expanding the customer base.
  • Providing data on consumer behavior.
  • Effective product advertising.
  • Cheap and easy to adopt.
  • Increasing app engagement and user retention.

So Get a Step Ahead

As a business owner, you need to be on a wave of emerging and changing trends. Now you are aware of what mobile app development trends will rock in the years to come.

We at OpenGeeksLab know how to incorporate the technical solutions that best suit your business model so that you could get a step ahead of competitors. Just drop us a line to get yours!

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