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Take a look at A Blockchain-Based Project Pool created by OpenGeeksLab. Take a look at A Blockchain-Based Project Pool created by OpenGeeksLab.

A Blockchain-Based Project Pool

A blockchain-based project pool with a number of independent solutions


When we first met with a client, they had an ICO with a malfunctioning front-end part. We fixed it, and this started the long and fruitful cooperation between us. We needed to optimize a blockchain-based project with a better front-end part, adding a seamless and profitable monetization model.

Our team fixed the front-end part of the project and integrated the decentralized stock exchange and referral program. This became a starting point for the pool of projects we worked on since that.

OpenGeeksLab’s team cooperated with the customer’s in-house team on some of the projects, and on our own for others. Overall, for almost a year of time, we combined our strengths to create several independent projects that perfectly align as a comprehensive business solution.

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We needed to create a pool of projects based on the idea of operations with blockchain, crypto, and other related components. It consisted of eight independent and different projects from browser extension to an NFT collection. Each of them proved to be profitable and engaging, starting from the first one and leading to the last we created so far.

The project started from a blockchain-based mobile app with a crypto wallet functionality. (But software development, when it brings good results, can be addictive.) So, after wrapping up the work on a mobile app, we started working on a website, marketplace, and other components of the project pool.

We were engaged in the creation of each element of the pool, from back-end connections with decentralized stock exchange to the engaging interface.


In this project pool, we’ve got the opportunity to work on the development of several innovative software solutions. Here is the list of everything we created with a short description of what each of the projects is capable of.

1. ICO

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which was the initial project of this pool, had a faulty front-end that didn’t show the needed data for the ICO functionality. It was supposed to show a certain number of tokens with fixed and random pricing (random pricing was generated from Oracle Chainlink). We corrected it so that the front-end part of the software showed the needed information.

Later, we created the SWAPP - WBT pair with a staking contract and interface on the customer’s website. We added staking for stable coins (USDC, USDT, and DAI). Our team also created the staking for SWAPP tokens with duration bonuses and a penalty mechanism.

Check out the web version of one of the ICO solutions our team developed.
The perfect example of our moile cryptocurrency wallet development services.

2. Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet

It has SwappID and a simple rewards system. This wallet allows consumers to storage and transfer cryptocurrencies and has an integrated decentralized exchange, referral program, and reward system for actions with Swapp Tokens.

The mobile app is released on App Store and Google Play with 10+K downloads.

3. Browser Extension

This extension could allow or forbid websites from collecting your personal data. It collects and monetizes data, allowing users to sell their information to businesses for tokens. For example, instead of getting personalized ads right away, this extension allows users to sell their info to companies in order to enhance personalized ads.

Aside from this, the extension blocks other websites that collect analytical data and has a data protection feature that blocks cross-site cookies, scripts, and so on.

The browser extension for blockchain project pool our team developed.
Here’s a chainlink smart contracts solutions to enable prediction feature of the blockchaiin-based product.

4. Tokens Price Predictions

Smart contracts that allow users to bet on the pricing of crypto-currency. The pricing fixates on the start of a round, during which users can make a bet on whether the pricing will go up or down. The final pricing was taken from Oracle Chainlink at the end of the round.

5. Marketplace

A smart contract that allows users to sell and buy NFT tokens. We implemented a mechanism of delayed transactions that enables users not to send their transaction to a blockchain network right after it is formed. Users would get a signature after they form a transaction, and a buyer would use the selling signature to initiate it.

So, a buyer handles the cost of the transaction.

Our team was engaged in an NFT marketplace development.
Order custom NFT collection development and get the best product.

6. NFT Collections

Our team created several NFT collections for the customer. We created smart contracts, white papers, and mining interfaces.

7. Multi-Blockchain Network Lottery

We created a smart contract that generated a random number for lottery rounds from Oracle Chainlink. Users could buy endless tickets during the round and enter the number into the ticket.

If the generated number complies with the one user entered in their ticket, they would get a reward.

Unique and custom blockchain lottery platform development as an implementation of a customer’s creative idea.
We started the decentralized exchange development for our customer’s blockchain-based project pool.

8. DEX on Cronos Blockchain

We worked on the design for this project and released decentralized exchange (DEX) farming using Uniswapp smart contracts and interfaces.

The DEX farming allows liquidity providers to get additional rewards for staking LP tokens, aside from the share they got from each transaction.

Some of Our Projects

Our Projects
Video streaming app for people of faith. Elaborated filter system allows companies sort offers/creator profiles according to various criteria. An online reservation service compatible with blockchain to perform transparent direct transactions with minimized fee commission. SolidFit unites three basic fitness application categories into a single custom fitness app. Check out software solutions covering a mobile version for artists and an admin panel for managers.  Check out the Queen Car project development workflow. Check out the Doctro.App project development workflow. Read more about how we developed a multifunctional on-demand delivery service app for diverse loads in the UK. Golf application that helps master the game

Experience Jesus

Video streaming app for people of faith

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the H Hub

Community-driven social network for brands and creators

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Blockchain-based platform shaping the future of online hotel booking

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Solid Fit

Fitness social network that connects coaches and sports enthusiasts from LA to NY

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Music Distribution Service

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Queen Car

Car Booking App

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Telemed app to help doctors and patients stay connected in the age of COVID-19 outbreak

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Multifunctional on-demand delivery service app for diverse loads in the UK

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Evidence Based Golf

Golf application that helps master the game

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