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Top 6 Instagram-Like Apps

With the development of the social media market, huge corporations struggle for giving a new breath to worn-out concepts. That led to the enormous popularity of Instagram-like apps. Media sharing platforms remain trendy in the last decade.

Instagram is one of this branch’s renowned representatives. According to statistical study, this app for photo and video sharing has more than 1 billion active users worldwide every month and about 500 million every day. These numbers are impressive. Despite the buzz around Insta-space, many find it too irritating or simply do not like it.

There are a lot of lovely apps like Instagram for Android and iOS. In this article, OpenGeeksLab has listed the best apps like Instagram. Keep on reading to get inspired!



Old but gold. Dating back to 2004, Flickr represents probably one of the oldest photo-sharing apps similar to Instagram. It’s an ultimate application that serves as a photo hosting server, editor and community at once. People love Flickr because of its cloud-like nature and a convincing amount of free photo storage space. Besides, this app enables users uploading their files in full resolution or crop it if they want.

As many apps similar to Instagram, Flickr has filters, captions, geo-tags, hashtags which helps in making pictures more interesting and creative. Flickr images open source of inspiration and communication: people express own view of the world with photos, display and discuss it. Division onto groups gives an opportunity to share pictures either with all other users or with close friends. Besides, the application has a native sharing function, so members can show their pictures not only inside the Flickr community, but also in other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or through email.

Flickr is free to download, though if you want some additional functions, you should pay for them. Application is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Download Flickr for iOS


The H Hub

The H Hub

The H Hub, which was developed by our team, is a community-driven social network that stands out among social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. This brand new app acts as a matchmaker for brands and creators (models, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and stylists) only.

Agencies can find and hire influencers in seconds due to the features we implemented: advanced filters, user rating, projects/jobs posting, inviting a creator to cooperation, bookmarking creators, in-app messaging and notifications.

Creators, in turn, can upload, share, and edit their portfolios as well as get robust stats about their followers, engagement, likes, comments, and posts. Moreover, crafters can publish events to cooperate with each other and share their experience.

To ensure authentic content crafting and building a trust-based relationship, all creators have been hand-selected based on the quality of their work and the number of subscribers on social networks.

And all that without a glut of soulless ads and sponsored posts offered by other social media that often don’t suit the audience.

The H Hub app is free for creators. Brands and agencies, in turn, charge for membership, to hire, manage, and pay for high-quality content – all directly in one place.

The H Hub website


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Find Insta-space too boring? Miss funny vines or memes? Try Imgur – get your photo and video content!
It’s another similar app like Instagram having the same functionality, but different concept and audience. Imgur is about sharing funny videos and pictures (not necessarily made by yourself) with the community as a means of entertainment. People create accounts to communicate as well as in other social media apps like Instagram, though they do not have a specific target audience and followers.

Participants of the Imgur app community may post and share an unlimited number of pictures, private photos, memes, humorous captions, GIF-files, short videos on various topics: from cute pet pics to inspiring scientific facts or artworks. Convenient search system helps in browsing content, uploaded by other members.

Developers claim Imgur to be ‘best meme and GIF viewer on the Internet’, so it seems true. It’s one of the best apps like Instagram for adults and teens, who are tired of daily routine and longing for funny positive rest.

Imgur is free downloadable on Play Market or Apple Store.

Download Imgur for iOS
Download Imgur Android




If you want an Instagram alternative app with ‘stories’ function, Snapchat is probably the nicest social media option ever, both for adults and teens. Actually, Snapchat consists only of stories.

Developers claim their product being ‘the fastest way of sharing a moment’, because of its camera priority. Direct link to the device’s hardware lets the application make, edit and share a photo in a few seconds. Snapchat is the most competitive app like Instagram. It won its fame thanks to plenty of filters, captions, and features of augmented reality that allows adding cute masks, funny stickers, pretty backgrounds or 3D emoji (called Bitmojis, which differ from classical set) to pics. Besides, users may create their own emoji or filters in order to show them to friends.

With Snapchat, people share photos and videos with their followers or send them privately to close friends. There exist also functions as group stories creation or adding your story to other people’s snaps, if they locate in the same place. Like Insta-stories, snaps are temporary and disappear after receiver watched them or within twenty-four hours. However, if you want to prolong a moment, you can save snaps in free cloud storage.

Snapchat contains ads what make application free downloadable. There are both Android and iOS versions.

Download Snapchat for iOS
Download Snapchat for Android


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VSCO editing app is mainly a photo app like Instagram, which allows users creating aesthetic pictures and share them with the world. It does not offer a variety of fancy filters or funny masks still advanced editing possibilities can compete with Photoshop tools. VSCO’s library claims to have more than 130 presets to make a photo unique, including vintage, futuristic, natural, urban looks. Apart from proper editing functions, VSCO also offers some educational content about photo art, tutorials, useful tricks, tips, which make pics almost perfect.

It’s not really new app like Instagram, but rather rediscovered in the last few years. VSCO serves as not simply a nice editing application, but storage of inspiration as well. With Discover functions, people search for ideas and beautiful images that push their imagination into the creation of own photo masterpieces. Besides, any artwork users share in VSCO photo editor app becomes a chance to be curated by the organization.

VSCO is available on Apple Store or Play Market for a free trial period lasting seven days. After a week, a user should pay an annual subscription fee to continue using VSCO effects. Membership can be canceled either with the end of the paid period or by a user himself/herself.

Download VSCO for iOS
Download VSCO for Android



Pinterest is your personal board of inspiration. It’s one of the best apps like Instagram for Android or iOS if you aim at collecting and sharing ideas and learn through pics.

Pinterest is a platform to share art and thoughts on different topics. Though people communicate through the application, it does not represent a social media network in its classical sense. Users usually gather interesting ideas, concerning creative lifestyle, save and share them through pins. Besides, pins usually are connected to other websites, which provide more detailed information about them.

A multitude of inspiring images provides an opportunity for adults and teens to styling everything due to own wishes. With Pinterest, people design their homes or make fashionable clothes, find new hobbies or develop old ones, get fitness tips or beauty advice, learn about traveling into different countries, try new cooking recipes, even plan an extraordinary wedding at last. This application makes all pins carefully sorted always at hand.

Pinterest is free to download still there is some paid content inside the app. To get the majority of files, you should pay for them in accordance with copyright rules. You can find it both on Apple Store and Google Play.

Download Pinterest for iOS
Download Pinterest for Android

There Is Always a Place for a New Trend

We have listed only several popular apps like Instagram – there are many more, let alone Instagram alternative websites. However, there is always a place for a new trend – either for adults or teens. Any idea for Instagram alternative app? Don’t feel shy to contact us. Together we will create a product that will take off!

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