Ui/Ux Design

Good design sells. A thoughtful UI/UX design is a worthy business tool to showcase your brand, increase awareness, build strong relationships with customers, and keep users coming back. With our solutions, your users get an engaging product that solves their problems and brings delight during interactions.

UI/UX Design



Idea or Concept Design

We start design creation with a design concept of UI/UX process. It consists of idea screening, defining users’ problems, in-depth market research, business strategy analysis, and brainstorming a value proposition. At this stage, we define colors, fonts, logo, the number of screens, and interactions.



We estimate an app or a website design based on its complexity, the number of screens, platforms, features, and interactions.



We create wireframes and mockups based on user flow. We make app prototype both static and interactive considering user experience process flow.



After the wireframes and mockups are approved, we start UI/UX design process. We apply the required color schemes, fonts, icons, elements, styles. We create a flat and material design. We follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s Material Design.



We create from 3 to 5 app screens design, depending on the complexity of the application. When the design is ready, we send it to the customer for approval and feedback. If necessary, we make edits.



When the client approves the design, we give it to the developers for further work.

What Will You Get?

Tech Specifications

You’ll get detailed tech specifications with a set of requirements that UI/UX process must meet.


You’ll get wireframes for your mobile or web application. Wireframing allows you to reduce costs as our UI/UX designers quickly present your ideas at the initial stage of development.


You’ll get a responsive design with a layout that changes on every new screen resolution. It looks great on any smartphone screen.

Sources (Design)

You’ll get a full package of design sources—images, detailed descriptions of fonts, icons, color schemes, and user flows.

What Will You Get?

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Why Choose Us

Future Results

Your mobile app or web-based platform is like a child for openGeeksLab for whom we are responsible. Therefore, a product that we develop for you makes money, solves your client’s problem, and hits the top ratings.


Transparent price model is quite simple. European cultural heritage of engineering plus Ukrainian rates (30-35 USD per hour) plus ability to scale the team.

Strategic Approach

Our approach allows you to avoid overspending. Our philosophy is to minimize costs and time through strategy and planning.


Our product manager personally leads your project. You control all the tasks via Jira and Scrum. We also provide mandatory weekly reports and hold Skype calls.

A mix of high engineering culture and Ukrainian rates provide an opportunity to make solutions for small and medium-sized businesses affordable. You can scale the team, regardless of geolocation. At openGeeksLab, we use a strategic approach that allows you to avoid overspending. We do not say to save with us. We say do not overpay too much.

Due to transparency, we achieve the effect of your real presence in our workflow. As we are in the heart of Europe, we work during your working hours.

We will develop the project so great that you don’t want to make changes. Since we are small, we do not pursue quantity; we value quality and results. And even when we grow up, the top management of our company does not stop worrying about the final result, every line of code, and design.

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