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An Ethereum DApp by OpenGeeksLab with a user-friendly interface.

A DApp On Ethereum

An Ethereum DApp case study with an original idea
and proper execution.


We cherish people with novel ideas, so most of OpenGeeksLab’s customers are exactly like this. An Ethereum DApp case study we’re about to share with you is not only unique but also was carefully created by our developers. Almost every blockchain-powered solution is innovative and distinctive in its own way. This time, OpenGeeksLab flew onto a distant planet of cryptocurrencies, minting, and sky-high profits with this cosmic idea of our clients.

We were engaged in creating an NFT collection that resembles aliens using the Ethereum blockchain. Each of those aliens is different in style and appearance, which makes tokens unique. Ethereum blockchain technology enables an extra profits channel, so our solution is scalable and might experience further evolution. With proficient developers’ help, users can now fatten up their Ethereum wallets by using this software.

OpenGeeksLab gathered a team for smart contract development according to the customers’ needs, considering that they had a designer on board who created the visual images of their tokens. The team’s primary mission was a webpage we worked on; it would allow consumers to buy and mint smart contracts and calculate possible profits. We wrote front-end code that enabled the webpage’s seamless workflow and helped our customers create an NFT smart contract.

After smart contract development was finished, our customers created an OpenSea verified collection with about 5K tokens.

to Be Solved

As cryptocurrency exchange becomes more popular every day, more people see it as a new way of gaining profit. We created an Ethereum blockchain solution that authorizes minting, providing buyers with an additional payment channel.

And as every cryptocurrency works, these tokens could rise in price and become more profitable to an end-customer. We provided smart contract security using top-notch technology.

And a whole process of building a decentralized app allowed us to create a blockchain software that:

  • allows to buy tokens;
  • enables to calculate overall profits from an exchange operation;
  • makes it possible to mint NFT smart contract;
  • has a simple and user-friendly design;
  • smooth and responsive.

Overall, OpenGeeksLab presented an easy-to-use webpage for minting tokens along with calculating profits from this venture with a user-friendly interface. It grants end customers an understanding of their investment’s value beforehand. Meanwhile, colorful design attracts their attention.


Our cooperation started from consultation as it always does. OpenGeeksLab figured out that the customers needed to power up their team with experienced developers, designers, and QA to develop DApp for their innovative NFT idea as well as enter the market. Since they already had an idea, all we had to do was to implement it in DApp alongside ensuring smart contract security. One of the main goals also was to create a high-quality front-end code to match with an innovative idea of our client.

Here’s how we did it!

To develop DAap and create high-quality front-end code we used a top-notch tech stack.
We created high-quality front-end code to enable users to buy NFT tokens and mint them in one place.
We engaged the incredible tech skills for optimizing and creating a DAap project.

Smart Contracts
Development In

We used this object-oriented language to ensure that a smart contract for this project will be implemented on Ethereum. OpenGeeksLab uses it since it offers concepts available in the top tech stack in which we have hands-on experience. Solidity NFT smart contracts development enables for delivering secure, fast, plus high-quality solutions.

Simple And User-

Customers had a designer for tokens on board, so the main task was to vibe with the original style, what’s more, to enhance it with the software we developed. With this solution, users can invest in their Ethereum wallets easily right from our customer’s website. Overall, results show that we’ve been successful, and the client’s webpage turned out to be simple. It’s easy to use and sets the right mood as soon as consumers see it for the first time.

Extra Channel Of

We’ve created a unique website that makes it possible for buyers to mint tokens and see how many ETH an end-user can have out of this deal. It enables customers to indicate the number of tokens they need for a desired level of profits and mint them with ease on a webpage. Aside from this, with this webpage’s functionality, consumers can see their investments’ value and it makes this solution budget-friendly as well.

Everything Exists In
The Chain

These tokens can be sold on any marketplace for smart contracts like OpenSea. And from each new sale, their worth will be growing. It allows users to raise the income and ROI they can get from buying tokens, which, in turn, raises our customers’ profits and attracts new investors to their startup.


OpenGeeksLab’s specialists were responsible for the blockchain-based website’s front-end part. One of our goals was to create an easy-to-use feature that would allow calculating the value of tokens and profits users get from minting them. So, overall we’ve created a solution that enables customers to easily calculate their profits directly on the website.

Fast Time-To-

This solution was designed, developed, tested, and delivered in less than 120 hours, 42 of which were spent on blockchain development! We proved more than once that fast and high-quality software development is more than possible. This is not a limit for us, and we strive to work quickly but keep the quality at the highest level.

Overall, the results of this project allowed our customers to start the auction and mint some of the NFT tokens, raising their value as well. We satisfied their needs which for any developer is the ultimate goal for every project, so we did everything according to their requirements and deadlines.

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