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Music Distribution Service

A Look Back

Audio streaming applications have become the new black, delivering an effortless user experience to receive music in a matter of clicks. Meanwhile, digital distribution comes in handy for artists in order to grow visibility, get heard, and sell their sound.

However, it can be challenging to compete with renowned distribution platforms like YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and Tidal. All of them have spent years growing a strong user base to become who they are now. Despite this, our client rolled out his own music distribution service to release music across Algerian market. This is where he was born, lives, and runs businesses that drive the local economy.

With Terox (that's what this app is called), local musicians or labels can distribute music across major music platforms. The service provides advanced stats on records, platforms, and earnings. Now, let's discuss each stage of the music distribution service development flow in more detail.

to Be Solved

Before jumping into the music distribution service development, we’ve considered several significant points beforehand. First of all, we processed the planning phase to ensure we have a shared vision and a clear idea of the entire project. Without going too technical, we defined who will use an app, what options it will include, how it will look like and run on users’ devices. Based on that, we figured out what we should do to reach it within an allocated budget and go-to-market strategy.

To increase Terox competitive chances on the streaming app market, we’ve analyzed what stands behind global market leaders’ success (with local input, of course) to deliver exceptional features allowing to distribute music frictionlessly. Once we’ve gathered all the findings and opportunities, we began crafting intuitive, user-friendly visual solutions. After validating UI/UX design and giving the green light to delivery, we started the very development. When all version releases have been completed, we beta tested the mobile app and rolled out the public release.


We had to craft two distinct platforms and deliver UI/UX design solutions covering several users’ groups: a mobile version for artists and an admin panel for managers.

Here is an admin panel for Terox content curators.
Here is a mobile version for artists.

Mobile App
for Musicians
and Labels

Now, let's unlock the basic and advanced features we implemented to make Terox even more stunning.

Let’s unlock the features implemented.

Basic Features

To ensure users can sell music online as easily as possible, we utilized these basic functions:

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (also known as two-factor auth, T-FA, or 2FA) secures users’ accounts in the system beyond just a username and an app password, ensuring access is not granted outside. This way, instead of only creating a password to log in, consumers also must verify their email/phone number plus enter their bank account number.

Uploading Music

After tracks have been recorded, it is high time for creating and releasing a single or an album. Artists can create an overall theme, provide release information, position tracks, and maintain the whole message. Terox content specialists curate each and every artwork while uploading.

Account Management

Users have basic edit permissions at their account level so that they could add or delete particular items.

Records Verification and Tracking Status

Once an artist has uploaded a track, it is sent to service curators. Users can track release status in real-time: Pending, Approved, or Rejected.

Advanced Features

To make this music distribution service even more outstanding, we integrated several advanced features. Here are some of them:

Social Sharing

A social media sharing function allows artists to generate a single link for sharing their content through messaging services. Viewers can simply swipe up to explore the artwork.

Advanced Stats

Users dive into the numbers and see report data on artwork performance so that they can measure the success and check what should be done better in the future.

Payment Processing Reports

Publishers can track earnings (for example, for a particular track per month) and request payments. The service admin will receive a notification. In-app payouts are not available. This way, an artist should visit a branch to get paid for their music.

Push Notifications

Messages popping up on the user’s device allow them to opt-in to timely updates and effectively re-engage customers with personalized content.

In-App Support

In-app support allows publishers to interact with customer service and request live assistance directly from their smartphones. What’s more, there are attachments available.

Admin Panel
for Managers

Read about SolidFit features we applied to make it simple to customize and self-manage as per users’ targets.

And now let's’ reveal features for Terox specialists.

Account Management

Content specialists can track, edit, manage any part of an account, see the whole list of users, give account access, or change access level.

Managing Pending Tracks

An admin processes requests, listens to pending tracks, checks an artwork for plagiarism. After that, managers decide whether to approve or reject a release (single status is updated manually).

Reuploading Music

Managers can reupload singles in respective file formats to sound even greater on a particular music distribution service.

Sending Music to Stores

Terox managers can spread a release across multiple distribution platforms like YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal.

Uploading Analytics

Admins get access to full stats on plans that musicians/labels select while publishing. Managers keep track on how much artists make per single/album sale. Also, Terox content specialists upload analytics for users.

Making Payments

Managers keep track of publishers' earnings per release and then make payments through a bank.

Live Chat Support

In-app chat allows a support team to have text-based conversations with customers via the web.

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