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Solid Fit

Fitness social network that connects coaches and sports enthusiasts from LA to NY


There are three main types of health & fitness applications—activity tracking apps, workout and exercise apps, nutrition apps. When choosing one of them, users have access to limited functionality.

Our client came up with the idea to create the SolidFit mobile app as a fitness social network that would combine all the three types and provide workout and meal programs developed by professional coaches, dietitians and nutritionists.

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Understanding fitness enthusiasts needs, we had to serve them the relevant benefits and features. Our goal was to provide users with a brand new fitness ecosystem that would store all health data in one place at their fingertips—with a personal online coach, meal planner, monitoring of vital signs, stats, real-time messaging, and payment gateway. An app should be simple to customize and self-manage as per users’ targets.


Read about SolidFit features we applied to make it simple to customize and self-manage as per users’ targets.

Mobile Platforms

Simple to Customize & Self-Manage

Users can easily create, customize and self-manage workout programs based on their goals and store all the health data at their fingertips.

Ease of Connectivity

Within the network, subscribers can easily find and connect to a coach or a gym with relevant competencies as well as search for specific supplemental programs to meet their training needs.

Time & Track Daily Macros & Workouts

Fitness enthusiasts can track and measure their sets, reps, and meals simply by touching the screen.

Track Daily Progress With Photos

Consumers can log their current photos as well as stats to track and control daily progress.

Stats & Measurements

Users receive detailed stats which contain robust data on workout progress.

Keep Track of Daily Activities

Food tracker allows consumers to receive calorie intake and burning based on their goals. Water tracker provides people with details on water intake. Sleep tracker, in turn, helps to develop good sleep hygiene.

Easy Food Logging, Recognition, and Meal Builder

Users can add recipes, entering ingredients, and meals as well as download food items from the existing database which contains 1M+ pics. If a user is going to add some meals to his or her eating plan, food recognition function allows identifying a food item image and ingredients.

Payment Gateway

Integration with third-party payment gateway so that consumers could handle payments to coaches and gyms.

Smart Recommendations Engine

Smart recommendation engine assists fitness enthusiasts in scheduling their meal plans and fitness programs and sorting data chronologically.

Notification System and Reminders

Notifications and reminders help users to keep up with their busy lives informing about workout sessions and motivating them to progress.

Media Loading and Sharing

Users can load reps videos and pics to the media gallery when creating a workout. Additionally, they can save reps and meals images and share intermediate results with coaches and control fitness program.

All-In-One Fitness Experiences

We designed Solid Fit as an app that combines all-in-one fitness experiences—both fitness newbies and pro can find a solution that is relevant to their targets.

Recipe screen with keto and vegetarian recipes.
Meal builder screen.
Profile screen.

Some of Our Projects

Our Projects
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Solid Fit

Fitness social network that connects coaches and sports enthusiasts from LA to NY

See full case study


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