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Such a solution allows excluding intermediaries and ensuring almost zero fee commissions.


Blockchain-based platform shaping the future of online hotel booking


After years in the hospitality industry, our customer made sure of the inefficiency of the hotel business interaction with online travel agencies (OTAs). The point is that hotels don’t have enough resources to compete on equal terms with OTAs, so they are forced to cooperate with third-party platforms, often on unfavorable conditions. Such a situation makes hotels dependent as they cannot increase their profitability or attract clients for direct booking as well as reduces the opportunities and limits choices for commission rates.

Our customer came up with the idea to create an affordable and transparent alternative applying Blockchain and tokenization to help hotels connect with consumers and conduct transactions directly. Such a solution allows excluding intermediaries and ensuring almost zero fee commissions.

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The four wholesalers provided data and services. The number of operations performed by their services was limited to 5. The customer required a load of 500 requests per second only for each B2B user as well as B2C portal. When working directly with the wholesaler's API, one would have to wait for a response to requests from all wholesalers, perform internal processing of the data obtained, and only after that send the answer to the user's request

The response time to the user could reach, in the worst case, 70 seconds.

Blockchain should be applied to pay for booking using GO tokens.


To ensure the required number of requests, we decided to apply Big Data with forecasting and minimize requests to wholesalers. We divided the data from wholesalers into: “static” data that changes rarely and is updated below the peak system load times, and dynamic data requests that we cannot ignore.

We’ve created a database of 400.000 hotels, and added other information—photos, rooms, facilities.

The dynamic data was the room availability for the requested period and its price. We forecasted the room price based on Big Data, historical data, and the current prices with coefficients. The forecast accuracy was within 5%. This actual price was clarified during the booking process.

The search engine allowed giving customers search results with the required QPS.

Since the projected load was 2-3 million users, we decided to apply micro-service architecture which allowed us to easily scale the system to the required and larger loads.

The second phase was about applying hotel room management to integrate hotels directly into the client’s system. It means that hotels could conduct bookings on their websites through the platform and manage hotel occupancy. We also needed to provide HRM system for hotels so that they could manage their inventory and bookings.


 Read about GOeureka features we implemented.

Micro-Service Architecture and Big Data Analysis

Applying micro-service architecture and Big Data Analysis allowed us to decrease request time from 70 to 4.6 seconds with unlimited number of sources with data accuracy 95%.


Hotel and customer accounts are synchronized between the website and the application.


For hotels wishing to integrate into a single system to link their inventory and reservation systems. API key management.

Personal Identity Information Storage

A centralized database and server to store Personal Identity Information (PII), customer booking details, and data from hotels.

User-Friendly and Mobile-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface allows hotels to update and manage price lists with ease.

Pricing Dashboard

A pricing dashboard where rates can be updated as needed.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Ethereum blockchain and smart contract to generate decentralized GO Tokens and execute payout requests.

Financial Reporting via Blockchain

All in-app transactions are conducted through a smart contract executed on the platform.

Easy Search Option & Booking Process

Consumers can easily browse hotels and rooms, and book desired ones.

Payment system

Payment in fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH), and GO tokens (GOT).

Reward System

Customers can earn GO credits according to spending amounts and exchange them for hotel services or pay for a room.

Re-Booking Algorithm

When the hotel rate drops, the feature automatically detects and re-books an existing booking at the lowest possible rate.

Google Maps Integration

The feature showcases all the hotels in a particular location and helps customers discover a specific hotel.

Review System

All displays and search results are based on the hotels’ performance, applied the GO platform features, and customers reviews.

a Traveler’s Life
for the Better!

The H Hub is one of the other projects developed by OpenGeeksLab

GOeureka is an ongoing project. We’ve been developing a mobile app and web-based platform since December 2018.

Currently, the project is launched mainly in Central and Southeast Asia. Our customer is planning to launch it worldwide as well as adding airline bookings and car rentals.

Speaking of monetization, the client’s company will charge a transaction fee of 5% for all payments except GO tokens.

Here is the app screen design.

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Blockchain-based platform shaping the future of online hotel booking

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