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Queen Car

Car Booking App

A Look Back

Traditional taxi businesses have become a thing of the past. From now on, on-demand ride-hailing services are taking the market away from its predecessor, offering affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use options. But taxi management is a complex task due to intense competition and the struggle for a loyal customer base.

Hence, there is no better way to win favor with consumers than offering extra opportunities to passengers/drivers, with a few taps of a mobile app, and making the process more transparent than ever before. That is the idea that lies behind Queen Car.

to Be Solved

The project serves passengers, drivers, and Queen Car’s managers. This way, it has three separate applications to cover three user groups. We joined the ongoing development as the service has already been created.

Our team had to develop and integrate extra features to the legacy system, create and implement microservice architecture for the new server structure. On top of that, we needed to redesign current iOS/Android apps for passengers and drivers applying the best UX/UI patterns.


Before starting development, our team has examined existing applications. After that, we provided server solutions to capacity and a stable operating system along with redesign options.

Here is the order screen in Queen Car app.
Here is the screen with main settings in Queen Car app.
Here is the screen with order settings in Queen Car app.


Here is the screen with driver profile in Queen Car app.

A client has a legacy passenger app we must integrate with. Here are advanced options for end-users:


Users should pass the registration process accompanied by password authorization via e-mail/phone number to ensure proper data protection.

Customized Rides

While booking a ride, a client can opt for various options: pick-up/drop-off point, date/time schedule, standard/luxury vehicle, payment method, accessibility preference, fixed/fare rate, language settings, driver gender.

Quick Trip Matching Algorithm

Upon a passenger’s preferences, the request will be matched with the most suitable chauffeur and vehicle type.

Live Vehicle Tracking

People can see their vehicle at hand to know exactly when it arrives.

Payment Gateway

The service includes multiple payment variations: credit/debit cards, cash plus discounts.

Booking History

Clients keep track of all their past bookings within an app.

Language Settings

There are English and Arabic languages available.

Two Color Modes

Users can switch between light/dark color modes.

Rate & Review System

After the ride, customers are asked to rate and review their driver and provide feedback on the service.


Passengers receive data on trip status and chauffeur details.

Referral Program

There is a referral program to offer discounts to both existing customers and newcomers.

In-app Chatting & Calls

People can text or call the driver via the app.

Car Sharing

Besides a private car, consumers can pick a shared car at a lower fare.

Driver Application

Here is the screen with car selection in Queen Car app.

A client has a legacy driver app we must integrate with. Here are the solutions a service delivers:

Two-Factor Authorization

Chauffeurs should also pass the registration process accompanied by password authorization via e-mail/phone number to ensure proper data protection.

Driver Accreditation

To get their account set up, drivers are required to upload certain driving and vehicle documents.

Rides Management

Drivers can search for bookings, then accept or reject a ride.

Order & Earning History

A chauffeur gets access to stats, split into daily/monthly reports, on all their rides with total earnings.

Two Color Modes

A driver can pick light or dark color mode.


Chauffeurs are informed about a new request with passenger details like name and contacts.

Advanced Route Optimization

With advanced navigation, drivers reach their destination with high accuracy and a relatively short time.

Language Settings

As well as for passengers, two languages are available for drivers: English and Arabic.

Balance Replenishment

Chauffeurs can replenish their balance using a scratch card.

Admin Panel

An admin panel allows managing passenger/driver apps within a centralized system with robust reporting analytics.

Content Management

Admins can create, store, modify digital content in one place.

Interactive Dashboard

A dashboard shows complete information on all stuff in real-time: customer base, driver activities, fleet, earnings, etc.

Driver Verification

Before approving a chauffeur account, admins verify the license details of a vehicle and driver.

Passenger Management

Managers can modify passenger data, view book details, track ride history, solve queries, manage complaints, and offer consumers various deals for retention.

Driver Management

Admins are able to track/edit drivers’ activities, view and modify vehicle/trip data.

Revenue Management

Managers can process billing, invoicing, referrals. driver commission.


Admins can send notifications to passengers/drivers.

Geo-Location Boundary Settings

Managers can add cities where the service is available.

Bonus Payment System

Admins can manage bonuses for drivers/customers.

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