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On-Demand Delivery Service

A Look Back

Today, the world is undergoing a significant shift in the way people choose to live, buy and consume. The current emphasis on convenience has created a strong and growing demand for various types of on-demand services.

Delivery, rides, transportation/logistics, education, children/senior caregiving, household, rental properties and lounging, healthcare, fitness, beauty, staffing, dating… All these on-demand solutions have become the new normal.

Businesses now need to be value-oriented and offer more innovative ways to save consumers’ time and effort. What’s more, an ideal service has to aim at giving customers freedom of choice, adapting to routines for those with tight schedules, ensuring the greatest of ease.

Here is where Lezzoo comes into play as a lifesaver for consumers. Thanks to the app, people can get food, market supplies, pharmacy/cosmetics, groceries, flowers, laundry, gas. Even dog walking services!

to Be Solved

Lezzoo was planned to act as an aggregator, uniting a wide variety of suppliers and offering consumers to pick out needed stuff at their fingertips in a matter of seconds to be delivered to the door.

The platform had to serve three distinct groups: customers, couriers and service operators. Our team was not engaged in this project at a fresh start, as the customer version of the app has already been completed.

This way, we had to create a new system that would help manage couriers, while at the same time integrating it with an already existing one, which is responsible for serving end-users. More than that, our task was to build an admin section of the system along with its UI/UX design.


This project is ongoing. The development has been going on for seven months. We work with two-week sprints, conduct daily dev team meetups and have calls with a client two times per week for making updates. After each sprint, we provide our client with a sprint demo to ensure we are on the right track. On top of that, we have personal meetings with a client.


We use individual solutions for each feature to ensure the seamless experience for all parties.


A client has an existing customer system we must integrate with. End-users can log in to make and view their orders, save their favorite suppliers/products, chat with a customer service, along with many more features that come with an on-demand delivery service.

Dog walking services are available on Lezzoo too.
Lezzoo homepage screen.
Here is one of the stores available on Lezzoo.

Admin Section
of the System

Here is the screen of the admin section of the Lezzoo system.

For the admin section, we applied a role-based access control (RBAC). It means that service managers are able to dynamically create roles by type: Admin, Super Admin, Supervisor, Dispatcher. Accordingly, a client can structure his team, assign different roles, give a set of permissions regarding respective areas of responsibilities.

Features we implemented for service managers:

Filtering by
Administrative Area

Сreating and filtering cities by country.

Custom Price

Breaking down each city into subzones with custom pricing.

Team Management

Creating and editing courier and admin teams.

Vehicle Type

Selecting vehicles (car, bike, etc.) and assigning them to courier staff, grouping drivers by pick-up points.


Tracking orders in real time—both regular ones and courier delivery service by taxi drivers.

Advanced Stats on Orders

Order history split by completed tasks and earning history calculated via an app.

Rating System

Actionable ranking system/rating leaderboard for couriers.

Courier System

Here is the screen of the Lezzoo courier app.

We developed a mobile version for courier staff and provided these functions:

Advanced Orders

Picking suitable orders.

Order Status

Setting order status: accepted/rejected, on its way, picked-up, dropped-off, completed.

Real-Time Stats

Tracking personal stats and rank rating.

In-App Chatting

For each order there is a chat with a team of dispatchers to report any issue.

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