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We’ve created an eSports streaming platform with flexible architecture.

ICO for eSports and Platform Development

eSports streaming platform modernized with tokenomics.


Our customer’s goal was to create a streaming eSports platform with gambling functionality. They already had a community but wanted to achieve higher effectiveness and enhance their profits. Since our customers wanted to power up their solution with tokens, we launched an ICO.

Now, the streaming web app is empowered with blockchain-powered solutions, which allows our customers to monetize it effectively.

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Our customer faced a challenge in implementing a payment system into the eSports streaming platform. The issue was concentrated on the fact that not many high-quality payment systems work with gambling platforms, so OpenGeeksLab advised the tokenomics model instead. This solution allowed users to buy tokens for real money in the live-streaming web app and later bet, donate, or buy additional functionality using tokens.

We’ve created smart contracts, a landing page, and a white paper for the lower-than-usual price and opened a sale for everyone. Our team implemented a sale that helped sell all the available tokens in three days. The customer aimed most of the costs for marketing and video streaming app development.


The platform development was planned independently from an ICO. The community supported the idea, and its successful launch helped greatly. As an outcome of our solution, the customer has an opportunity to turn both tokens and their eSports streaming platform into two channels of profits. It also creates a great chance for users to get bonuses and gifts for their donates and start an eSports business or streaming career.

We used the Scrumban methodology, which allowed us to coordinate each move with the business requirements of our customers. This flexibility provided us the opportunity to foresee the growth of the business, better relate to the target audience, and understand the market. The ICO we launched for the eSports video streaming ended during the software architecture development.


Our eSports streaming platform has intuitive UI | UX.

As a company, we always strive for innovation and perfection. With this eSports streaming platform, it is safe to say that we’ve achieved both our and our customer’s goals.



A whitepaper answers all questions about a live-streaming web app’s services our customer was going to deliver and contains accurate information regarding their ICO.

Landing page

An easy-to-navigate and captivating landing page to present a token sale with all relevant information.

Smart Contracts

We created several smart contracts for this eSports streaming platform so that asset holders could handle, transfer, sell tokens, and more.



The essential feature, the eSports streaming platform's core, allows people to view and launch streams. We added a donation option and an opportunity to introduce premium paid streams.

Streaming schedule

The feature that allows planning the next stream. Users can view the schedule along with the details about the players and bet before the stream starts.

Games analytics

It enables users to view the statistics of the streams and bets made on each player.

Streamers analytics

It lets users view the data about an individual player, their results, and bets made on them in the eSports video streaming platform.


It enables users to view charts for a certain period of time. For example, TOP-5 of a week, TOP-10 of a month, TOP-20 of a year.


It enables users to buy tokens for real money within the platform.

Bonus system

For large donates users can receive certain bonuses like tokens, free access to a premium stream, or an opportunity to play with a popular eSports gamer on the stream.

A personal account of a streamer

It enables streamers to personalize their account in the eSports betting platform with information about their accomplishments and wins. It also allows planning new streams with schedules and engaging other streamers via chat. Streamers also can use tokens as a payment to stream for a larger audience.

Admin Panel


Functionality that allows managing all users, streams, and chats on the eSports betting platform.

Streaming schedule

It enables managers to create the streaming schedule, advertise the upcoming streams, and engage the most popular gamers.


It allows managers to view intel about users visiting the online sports betting platform, their payments, and donations.


OpenGeeksLab helped the customer to achieve a new level of advanced monetization. Now, they can monetize each transaction made within the eSports streaming platform, and the value of their tokens grows as users sell it on DEX or use it on other streaming platforms.

As a result of this solution, our customer can enhance their profits as well as streamline the work of the sports live-streaming platform, making it attractive and comfortable for all types of users.

This sports live-streaming platform is highly effective

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Some of Our Projects
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ICO for eSports and Platform Development

eSports streaming platform modernized with tokenomics.

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